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Hello from the Garden State

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Hello Forum,

We are just getting started in our venture. We have targeted a location and are hoping to have it fitted out and ready to go to work within the year. We're in Mercer County, the Hopewell area, near Princeton and Sourland Mountain. Reading the posts here has yielded a wealth of information already, which is a good thing because there seems to be an awful lot to learn!

Looking forward to meeting some people and putting faces with the names. This seems to be a vibrant and supportive community and we are eager to become a part of it.

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Welcome. I'm in King of Prussia, PA. There are lots of operations across the border here that you may want to visit. Also, there is a distillery in Camden (Cooper River) that is offering an aspiring distiller course going over TTB issues paperwork etc.

Maybe you should check that out. I've spoke to a couple of guys over there and they seem very nice.

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