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The company I work with has different size particles it offers as standard.

A lot of this depends on contact time.

I can price out 50 Lb. bags.

I can also calculate and supply the carbon filter assembly, if required.

Mike Gronski


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would you mind sharing why you settled on powdered carbon? I've only really seen granular used in vodka production, as it seems to be much easier to use in bag/canister filters. I would think it would be a huge pain to filter powdered carbon out of spirit if dumped in and removed by a plate or cartridge filter.

I'm assuming that powdered won't work in a bag/cartridge filter can because the particle size is so small that it would compress into a densely packed mass of carbon and not permit liquid to pass through it efficiently.

I'd think logistics Would trump any increase in adsorptive surface area per unit.

Would love to hear the alternative viewpoint.

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For the filter columns I supply, the activated carbon is suggested to have a contact time of a minimum 10 minutes.

But this is with a moving product through the column.

From that point it is a personal decision based on taste, clarity and whatever factors you judge further contact time.


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Thank you for your response.

We are based in the UK and have already sourced our powdered carbon. I would however be interested in how you can help us with a filter assembly?

Can't the source of carbon supply that? I would search the alternate sources that supply filters as well.

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