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UV Water Filtration


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I see a lot of DSPs utilizing this technology. What filter you using?

I see cost anywhere from $2000 to $15000 for what appears to be comparable filtration units.

Thanks in advance.

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The UV part of the "filtration" destroys the bacterial contents, hence its fairly wide use against Legionnaires.

You still need particulate filter and others for such things as iron (a rather tough one to remove).


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UV is disinfection, not filtration, and typically needs to be the final stage in the filtration process, located after a traditional filtration system (since particulates in the water will significantly reduce efficiency).

Do you have some reason to believe your water is high in microbial content and requires additional disinfection/sterilization? I would imagine anyone who is sourcing their water from a modern municipal supply should not have this problem. Lots of municipal water treatment facilities are now using UV (it went out of fashion for a time due to the high operating costs).

Now if you were sourcing your water from surface water or a shallow well, that would be a completely different matter.

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