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Juniper Berry Harvest


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For those out west:

Is anyone harvesting their own Juniper berries? There seems to be subtle differences between j.communis (traditional) and j.occidentalis (western) and I've heard of a few places experimenting with our western varietal. However, I'm not sure if there has been a significant change in the final product.

This also seems to leave a lot of room for the craft movement to identify a new category in addition to "New American" and "New Western."

Thoughts? Experience?


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Very different flavor profiles from one species to another. Communis is actually a pain to harvest, literally, compared to some of the Juniperus. Needs to be hand harvested, but the needles are particularly sharp and stiff. So usually requires very cheap labor willing to do a tough job. Or volunteers ;-)

Death's Door harvests some of their j. communis from Washington Island in Wisconsin, or at least they did before production levels grew large.

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