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Still and Kettle Temperature Control


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We have a 660 gallon still and 500 gallon mash kettle on order and are working with our contractor to design our boiler system. We are planning on a 1.5M BTU low pressure steam boiler to operate the still and kettle simultaneously and have a little extra overhead.

What is the best way to regulate the temperature in the pot and kettle? Is it as simple as a manual valve on the steam line which is opened wider to increase heat or closed to reduce heat? Are there other options we should consider?

Thanks in advance!

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There are hundreds of ways to control the temp. From pressure to temperature, inlet, outlet, plus redundant safeties. It should be set up so that the equipment doesn't short cycle, but a good HVACR contractor will know and some of this should come with the boiler.

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for your still, you do not want to control the temperature, you want to control the heat input. so steam flow. manual valve is best, but what kind is up for discussion.

on your mash tun, yes a thermostatically controlled steam valve may be what you want, but be sure its easily adjustable since you have several tempurature target points during a mash,

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