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Hello From Anton Paar

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Hello everyone. We will be following this forum, and hopefully answering question people have about proofing alcohol, specifically as it involves digital density meters. Our intention here is not to simply advertise our products, but to participate in the community as a resource as best we can. I look forward to many good discussions.

PS that picture to the left is the man himself, Anton Paar.

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Hey Anton-Paar--

New guy on the block here, so forgive me if the answer to my question is common knowledge. We are gearing up to open our facility in Florida and I'm mapping out our workflow with regard to proofing. I've had experience with both the DMA-35 and the DMA-4100. What, if any of your units, are approved by the TTB for final proofing?

Thanks -

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What a great piece of equipment. I ordered a DMA 35 I had to call and remind them to ship it. When they shipped it to the wrong address. Anton Paar Co. blamed

me for giving them the wrong address. The paper work came to the correct address. Another problem is Anton Paar kept sending me past due notices. I payed

by check when I ordered it. My problem with Anton Paar Co. is there arrogance. I purchased my DMA 35 from Jay Skovbjerg, when I called Jay with shipping

and past due notices problems he told me to call the 800 number. There equipment is great, there shipping and receiving needs work.

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Well i have only good things to say. I have the DMA-35 and the DMA 4500 with the alcolizer and have had nothing but great service. and Roberto, the DMA-4500 is TTB approved for gauging and proofing. Thanks Anton-Paar


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