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Chilled Water Treatment


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At KO Distilling we recently put our closed chilled water system into operation. The chilled water side of the system consists of a 1500 gallon water tank, two pumps (one as standby) and a number of flow and temperatures sensors. This chilled water tank is circulated through a heat exchanger which is serviced by our outdoor chiller. The Chilled Water System provides cooling water to our Mash Tank, four Fermenters and the Still Condenser.

My question deals with the type of water treatment that can be used on the Chilled Water (1500 gallon tank) to keep the water OK but not cause any harm to the copper of the condenser or the Stainless Steel jackets. I'm looking for something that will keep the tank from becoming a breeding ground for biologicals.

Thanks for any help,

John O

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Ozone may not be ideal, and can be a bit pricey. UV is great for keeping pathogens dead, but the lamps are expensive and need to be replaced regularly.

When I ran a system like the one you describe, I simply put a bit of Quaternary Ammonium in the reservoir. Won't hurt your copper piping and keeps the water relatively fresh for months. Cheap as nails, too.

For you guys fermenting in totes, quat is a good chem to run on every other cip on your totes...


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