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Filter options for NGS/Vodka


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Curious if anyone has any experience with different types of Activated Carbon filter medias for filtering NGS/Vodka. We have used granular activated carbon for a while now and are looking to make our process easier without spending tens of thousands on a nice filter system. Something that is a little cleaner and easier setup.

One option we were looking at was a plate frame filter press and using activated carbon filter sheets. Wondering if anyone has experience on size and amount of sheets vs how much proof gallons of NGS/Vodka they will filter before changing. Will this be too expensive and if this process really gets the job done.

The other process is using code 7 Activated Carbon filters and housings. Again how many proof gallons per 30" filter and again will this process truly get the job done. I'm guessing this process would be more expensive, but not sure.


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I have a small absorber column that also can be fitted with bag filters for $10 per bag.

The column cost is around $2,500 and AWS activated carbon is $110 per 55 Lb bag.

The column output is .5 to 1.0 GPM of spirits.

You can reactivate the carbon by hitting it with some steam but how many times this works depends on product result (taste).

Mike G

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I can't send over Forum, so I will do so through email request at mike@mgthermalconsulting.com. I will load up the cut sheet on my website as time permits.

For large custom columns, calculations are done based on spirit flow through the absorber column and cost reflects this, columns for 5 GPM flows costing $6,500 and you see these in larger distilleries where multiple absorbers are used as well.

So, if you have have large cold spirit tanks, it will take a while to treat that amount of product with a small absorber, so some distillers dedicate a block of time to this procedure.


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