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From Equipment Needs to DSP Application Help - New Online Tools


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For anyone interested in starting a distillery or even if you have been researching your start up for a long time, I have developed some fantastic tools to help guide you through every part of the new distillery process.

You can self-register on-line for immediate access to the tools without any waiting:


Here is a list of tools:

1. Starting Notes - Step-by-step Instructions

2. Distillery Needs Walkthrough - Select Equipment Needed, Enter Est Price, Walk Thru Start Up Needs

3. Mash Builder - Develop your own custom Mash Recipes + Calc Grain Costs/PG

4. Cost Per PG - Add in other Costs to get $/Proof Gallon for Each Spirit Type

5. Bottling COGS - Enter COGS for bottle packaging, labor for $/Case

6. FOB Pricing Calculator - Run FOB File starting with Retail Price and Tier margins

7. Profit Margin By Case - View Profit Margins per Case after Federal Excise Tax

8. Sales Estimates - Estimate Annual Case Sales

9. Other Revenue - Estimate Other Revenue Sources

10. Expenses - Enter in Overhead, Expenses, and Tax Rates

11. P & L - View Complete P&L + Cash Outlay

12. DSP Application - Write your DSP Application

The fee comes with 2 hours of consulting with me over Skype - 1 Hour to do an initial walk thru for a deep review of all the tools to make sure you are 100% comfortable, then another Hour after you have entered the data to review answer any questions.

$1,500 for the tools for 6 months of access.

Demo Video:


Please let me know if you have any questions!


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