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changes coming in California?


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The best way to find out is to be involved... please consider joining the California Artisanal Distillers Guild. www.cadsp.org to find the application and contact information.

CADG is a member driven and 100% volunteer organization dedicated to the California distiller. AB 1295 (D) Levine has been put together by a coalition of interested parties out of the previous attempt of AB 1233 earlier this session. That bill is still waiting in the wings for 2016 in case an issue occurs on AB 1295. But, we anticipate our efforts paying off.

AB 1295 is a much more comprehensive bill with far reaching opportunities. The 50+ members of CADG are the true pioneers in the California spirits industry. It would be extremely helpful if all would join our efforts. Those in the state that do not join CADG, yet take advantage of its work... like AB 933 and having a tasting room and being able to charge, or what's coming in AB 1295 should think about the greater good for the industry and join.

ADI helps us all nationally, but its important that the guilds in each state grow and represent the local distillers.

If you have any questions, call... and again... consider joining.


p.s. did I mention... join CADG ?

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The legislature comes back August 17th... and our bill will be back in the hot seat and hopefully moving fast. Please really consider joining and supporting our effort. Letters, phone calls and contributions are so important to the effort. This will change the landscape for all distillers, but the small distiller really gains the most in this effort. Any questions, get in touch...


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Nice! Although I think that caption under the leading photo is a little misleading :rolleyes:

Geesh. I have a couple of write-ups as well in the small local papers where I was so misquoted, I looked like an idiot; when in fact the "journalist" just did a half assed job. That being said, I no longer get into proof gallons with reporters.

I say: "Well, to answer your question - the federal tax is currently $13.50 per proof gallon. Meaning that this vodka bottle at 750mL and at 80 proof, I would pay $2.14 in federal taxes."

Reporter says: "Okay, got it."

Reporter writes: "The distillery pays $13.50 per bottle in state taxes, according to the owner."

Me: *Slaps face*

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California is moving ahead... the legislature passed AB 1295 on Sept 11, 2015... it goes to the Governors desk for signature... send your letters of support in now. When signed, we will look for implementation on January 1, 2016 for the licensing process to start.

If there ever was a question of why join the Guild, read the bill...


CADG members made this happen, by coming together to support our industry we get things done. All those who are not members, ask yourself.... why?

Questions? Write cris.s.cadg@gmail.com

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Any of our fellow california distillers applied for their craft distillers license yet? I heard there were some last minute changes made to the bill but have not been able to find any info online about it

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Scrounge, I have heard the same thing and I also heard some folks say that there is an exception being worked in to allow those who buy GNS or source whiskey for their spirits

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There is some clarifications and additional changes needed. The CADG is working with California ABC and the legislature to fix issues that have come out since 1/1/16 introduction of the type 74 license. We are confident that all the issues will be resolved, and California Distillers will be happy where we end up.

I will make an additional plea... if you have not joined CADG... please do. If you are a member, please consider donating to our legislative budget so we can get this work done. California is a big state, with a lot of potential... it's also a state that needs unity within the industry and $$$ to keep our presence in the political process.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions. cris

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8883_b.jpg Straight from CA ABC



Looks like a big win for those distilling in house. Bummer for those sourcing their spirits. but in the name of creating local jobs I think it is the right way to go

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Below is my personal opinion, and not necessarily representative of the entire guild or its board... so flame me personally not the CADG...

Actually ABC does not realistically have a dog in this fight... they are a government agency tasked with oversight of our industry. They really could care less if we distill, rectify or a combination of whatever it is we do. What they want is clear and concise language that can be enforced. Many think government regulators are all bad and want to see us fail. In California at least, we have a true partnership with ABC that has been very good to work with. I guess some of that depends on your politics and point of view.

If we are going to be taken serious by our peers in beer and wine, we have to become a respected member of the beverage community. That takes time and professionalism along with some money to amend laws to work for us and allow for the growth we all need. We don't even get a fair amount of respect and support from within our own industry. There are so many sitting on the sidelines with lots to say, yet what have they done? CADG is not perfect nor can we change everything over night, but we have been at this now for almost 5 years working to gain a good reputation. There are those that have become "experts" on what should happen in California, yet very very few have actually signed up to help in making change happen. I can't begin to quantify the number of phone calls from people around the state with all the great ideas, and if I only listened to them things would turn instantaneously... this ain't my first rodeo. What we need is true unity within the industry, not a divided bunch of cowboys.

Our industry is filled with many different personalities, but all of that needs to be put aside to gain the privileges under our liquor laws we all so desire. All of us in CADG welcome input, as long as it comes from a point of being helpful and positive. Its too easy to take shots at others who are working hard to do the true hard work and heavy lifts. Legislation is never easy, but it is the only way true change occurs. I appreciate all the good conversation on this forum, its how we all learn and listen (Capn & Scrounge and others). Of course, some prefer to think they are cute or clever... all I can say is... whatever.


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