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Sea Salt Barrels! WTF!!!!

Dehner Distillery

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It would be a tough sell because I can or anyone can buy sea salt buy the pound and mix it in to the spirit. Why Would I want to buy a special barrel with it in it.

And on the cellular level??? Really, here is how I look at it... Wood, just like many other plants is made of cells or pockets. Not like human cells. Anyway, mix up salt and water and pour it on the wood. The cells absorb the liquid, water dies out, salt left in cells.

Or Look at it this way....

When we where all little kids we put the potato in the bowl full of food coloring and in the potato turned that particular color. Same thing with sea salt.....

Two big problems I see is

1. formula required

2. it would throw the specific gravity of your alcohol off. You would never be able to tell true proof unless you had special equipment.

This is the biggest joke I have ever heard of. If you have ever bought one of these barrels you need to get your head checked!

P.S. If you did..... well your a moron.

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It's actually a little more complicated than that.

The salt in the salt water will, in relatively short time, draw all of the moisture out of the cells in the wood, effectively desiccating them. Any salt in the wood isn't actually going to be "in" the wood, it's going to be "on" the wood, i.e. on the surface.

So if you pour spirit into the barrel, two things will happen. First, the spirit will absorb salt from the surface of the wood. Second, the wood itself, being almost completely dried out, will absorb a lot more spirit than normal and the routine aspiration that produces aging will be effectively reduced.

All in all, it seems like this would be counterproductive.

What it all seeks to replicate, of course, is the effect of aging spirit-filled barrels in a salt air environment. My feeling is that you can't really replicate that, faithfully, by simply treating either the wood or the spirit.

Sometimes, you just can't fool Mother Nature.

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