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Newbie Vodka Distillery

Sunshine Distillery

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Just a common joke around ADI.

At one of the conventions they had a guy set to speak on, "How I Started a Distillery for $100K". He started by saying, he had accidentally lied...not yet open and he was at $160!

And your asking people who have sweated it out to walk you through the process. Your question will be taken as too vague. Now just set back and one of the consultants will be by to help.

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Well said FR. Learning to make vodka is the least of your concerns. Sign up for any of the countless distilling classes around the country and you'll have that part nailed. Now writing a proper business plan... That's hard. Mine's at 50 pages (and counting) and over two years in the making. Join ADI, go to the conference in April. You'll get a lot out of it.

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A lot of this talk is over rated. I started out with 28k 3-4 years ago. And now we make all kinds of products, and a lot for other distilleries all over the place.

It will cost more than you think tho. Don't waist money on crap you will never use.

A small continuous still and your hundred gallon spirit still you'll be able to move through a lot of product!!

Take Care.

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I was told by one still manufacturer when I was two years in the planning process that my still would be the least of my expenses and I didn't believe him. I am now close to opening my doors and he was absolutely correct. The professional fees ate up thousands of dollars I did not count on at all. Engineering, lawyers, permits, etc. It can be done on a shoe string, but if you don't have something in reserve for the pile of unexpected expenses it could be a rude awakening. As for it being profitable, I don't yet know. The only thing I know for sure is if you don't try it won't happen.


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