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A long and winding road...

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It's been more than 2 long years of planning, planning, and planning some more. We've collected some investors, secured a location, then received a surprise call with an offer to buy out an existing distillery.

All said, though, the Old Humble Distilling Company is on the verge of coming online in pleasant Humble, Texas. We'll be focusing our efforts on bourbon--Boomtown Bourbon, to be precise, In a few months we're going to begin testing a smoked corn bourbon. We'll also continue to offer a premium, 100 proof grain to glass vodka.

Meanwhile, if you're interested in some surplus equipment, we're selling some of THAT, too.


-Joe Breda

Old Humble Distilling Company

Because life is too short for bad bourbon

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Life IS too short for bad bourbon! AND bad labels! Welcome to the forum!

Let me know when you are ready to consider new labels. My name is Irene George with All American Label. We exhibit at all the ADI events...and I'm happy to send you a nice sample package of our print work. We specialize in foil and embossing...we print for some awesome, awesome distilleries. irene@allamericanlabel.net Connect with me whenever you are ready.

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I think I had given out budget pricing on a cooling system for the distillery but didn't wind up with the project.

Treaty Oak, aways from you a bit, has a system I supplied, tho.

Good luck and if you need something, give me a call.


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