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Alambic still "panting"


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Hi gang

Can anyone tell me why my still is "panting"? It's a 60 liter alambic still from portugal. You can see the video here --->

I put a rag over the nozzle so that you can actually see it breathe, but you should be able to hear it as well if you turn up the volume.

At the time, I was doing a stripping run.

Normal? Unusual? Weird?

Your thoughts.


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I assume it's got a liebig condenser? It's colloquially referred to as "huffing". What you're hearing is air rushing in to fill the slight vacuum created at the time the hot vapor hits the condenser and changes phase (in a closed system that "huff" would be water hammer). Then more vapor enters the condenser... rinse, repeat. As long as you dont see any vapor leaving the business end of the condenser (a small pocket mirror helps) you're fine.

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If the huffing concerns you then put a piece of silicon or copper tube in the centre hole of your funnel so it half fills with spirit.

Put another piece of tube from the still outlet so it is under the spirit in the funnel

The huffing will very likely stop within a short time.

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