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Craft Distilling Expo shows distilling industry in good health


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The 2015 Craft Distilling Expo provided a focus for one of the UK’s fastest growing markets. Visitors discovered new trends, technologies and tastes, as well as the progress and scope for development in a fertile industry.

As the industry has grown, the main focus has been on production techniques and flavour trends. However, one subject that has been neglected is how to efficiently process waste material. Drawing on 80 years of experience in separation technology, Russell Finex have engineered the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™. The perfect solution to processing spent grain and mash, this innovative machine is drawing attention from those looking to optimise this important part of their process.

"This is a complete game changer for the industry. It's a highly effective separator for handling spent grains. It's a must have for every distillery wanting to improve profitability." - Bill Owens, Founder & President of the American Distilling Institute comments on the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™.

Find out more about new developments in the craft distilling industry at Craft Distillers Expo review or watch a video of Russell Liquid Solid Separator processing spent distillers grains.

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The Russell Liquid Solid Separator is priced at around $25K and is suited to those doing larger batches or with multiple stills, the return on investment can be as short as 6 months. For smaller/startup distilleries we have a range of vibratory sieves which are also suitable for this task. It won't be as fast or efficient as the Liquid Solid Separator in removing spent grains, but for a lower budget solution, prices starting from around $5K. Please contact our US office for more info (704 588 9808) or to setup a demo at your site.

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