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Steam or Electric?


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Hey guys,

So we are thinking about upgrading to a 12" 16-plate reflux still. I think that a 200 Gallon boiler would be sufficient.

At the current time we are running a 8" 8-plate still on electric. SO if we were to choose steam we would also have to invest in a boiler.

If we were to stay with electric would it be possible to run a still of this size? what would be the power requirements? As in how many 15kW heating elements do you think it would require?


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Too many variables to know for sure. But very roughly, all other things equal, you are upsizing the column diameter to increase production rate, and going from 8" to 12" is a 2.25x increase in area, so say roughly you need at least 2x more power provided to the still. Also, you did not say what the current pot size is, but assuming it is 80-100 gallons, your heat up will be about the same with 2x power. You may need more time to load up and stabilize 2x plates, depending on design.

So if doubling your power is at all a problem, it would be worth looking at steam.

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