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Double Diamond 220 gallon still for sale

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Double Diamond 220 gallon all copper still for sale. Same exact still here: http://www.coppermoonshinestills.com/id51.html


Link to a video of our still in operation. https://www.facebook.com/knoxwhiskeyworks/videos/1054489924595985/

Only used about 2 months, maybe 40 washes before we upgraded to our 300 gallon still. Internal coil is 3/4"-60 foot length and gave us a heat up time of about an hour. Easy to take neck off and clean out.

The waiting list on this still is about one year. Asking $12,000

Located in Knoxville, TN.

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No 3/4", 60 foot long internal coil. We used 50/50 glycol water fluid heater but would work for steam. But we do have fire grate as well if someone wanted to use it that way.

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