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We bought a mill from a dairy operation out of VA. I love it and recommend it to everyone. It's a 20 HP mill with two augers. It's a beast. I think we paid close to $7500 for everything, including auger and auger motors, mill and mill motor, electrical, etc. That price is old - we made the purchase about 4 years ago.


I work with Don Weaver.

You might be able to find something dairy related much closer to you.

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Contact Robert Huebner at sales@coloradomillequipment.com I have used them in my last two distilleries and will continue to use them in the future. Great selection and service. You will be happy.


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for what its worth, we use a colorado mill equipment hammer mill and love it. our only issue has been the single tab to hold the screens in place isn't sufficient. it took 5 minutes to weld a second tab on. We run a 7.5HP motor and mill at ~25lbs/min

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