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Seeking Supplier for Cardboard Boxes


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Everyone were are in process of building our new distillery building in Central Florida and during the process of sourcing supplies we have not been able to receive a response from box suppliers, can anyone point me in the right direction? and advise what I can expect price wise for standard box, no silk screening .

Thanks Lorenzo

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You have to call a place that makes the cardboard, and prints and cuts it. If you call just a distributor you will get a massive price you got to go direct to the source. Luckily for everyone out there I have the source.

They custom make and print boxes for me. They do amazing work, if you go into any grocery store or liquor store or anywhere that has cardboard boxes or something it's packed in cardboard chances are about seven out of 10 products are done by them.


Jon Speers -



Please tell him Joe at Dehner Distillery sent you.

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