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Start-up Seeking Equipment Layout Advice

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Hi Everyone,

My Name is Ron, partner and I have began construction on our distillery building, (shell only) at this time, seeking advise and or schematic layout for connection of boiler and chiller to mash tun, fermenters and of course still, we have tried talking with local Architects, unfortunately they don't seem to have a clue about the mechanical part of the distillation process, and persons that they have referred us to have been very expensive Architects in the Northeast, does anyone have a website or maybe refer me to someone that can give me the basics on how to design steam and chiller lines etc. with some examples???

Thanks, Ron

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I help out many with their chiller layout advice and have ideas and photos that help out as well.

Let me know where you're located- I may have someone nearby you to look over a system.

Mike Gronski

MG thermal consulting


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