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Transferring unfermented wort from Brewery to Distillery

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We are going to do a colab with the larger local brewery and I was wondering how this gets reported.

They will do all the brewing and I'd like to come with IBC totes and have them fill directly in with unfermented wort.

Obviously this distillation will get recorded with our daily operations but how do I report with raw materials used and are there forms like TIBs? I cant imagine since its not alcohol.

If anyone has done this in the past I'd be grateful for some advice!  Complaints and concerns as well!


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I would expect that you report it as raw materials, it would be in gallons, since it would not be beer. What they TTB is looking for is a means to determine the amount of potential alcohol that can come from fermenting the raw materials, you will need to treat it like fruit juice. They only ask for pounds of fruit or gallons of juice in 5110-40, nothing about its sugar content, so I would just list it in "Other Materials" as gallons of malt barley wort. Just have back up documentation was to the make up of the wort. You can always query a TTB officer for specifics.

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I do this, all my products are obtained this way, there is no real reporting other than 5110.40


part VI,  write into line 7 "Malt Barley Wort", and in 7c, put in the number of gallons of malted barley wort you received.

(I do not put the sugar content/gravity/brix in this form, but is recorded in the log form for each receiving action)


As far as the brewery goes, I am not knowledgeable of their forms, but as long as they record int heir daily logs somewhere that they transferred un-fermented wort out, and how many pounds of grain they used for that batch, they are covered...   maybe they are using certain brewhouse software...  if you know of the specifics of any of the software packages handling of this, please add detail in this thread to help others... 



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Thanks, Okay this seems to make total sense.

The brewery is a mid-size craft brewery so I'm sure they have some type of software in place. I have a friend there and he said they meet on Fridays to talk about new stuff so hopefully this comes into fruition.

I'll keep the thread updated.

Thanks everyone 

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