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What type of filter are you using?

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For those of you making vodka, what filtering steps are you taking?  Are you using a filter like this?  


Using coconut carbon? Charcoal?  Are you letting the carbon sit in the spirit for a lengthy time or are you just running it through a filter like this?


Finally, are you proofing to get the ABV down before filtering or are you filtering at a high proof?


Learning a lot from everyone as we plan our business. Thank you for everything friends!



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We use a very fine coconut shell charcoal. 

We built a pretty awesome vodka filtration system that basically floods ss pipes filled with the carbon. We let it recirculate a tote tank until our flavor profile is achieved. In our experience, it is much easier to ensure a consistent flavor profile by proofing it down to your bottle proof prior to filtering, or proof out your samples. The higher alcohol contents are just too overwhelming to test for quality/consistency. 

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