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Hello from Thomas Earl McKenzie

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Hello all,

This is Thomas Mckenzie. I have poked around here for a few years trying to help where I can. I worked at Finger Lakes Distilling Company till January of this year. 

At which time I have started back consulting for craft and large distilleries as well as having stills built to my design in Kentucky which have proven to be popular so far. We have designed a new continuous still that is smaller, more user friendly, more compact and produces an outstanding product. We also produce pot stills and pot-hybrid stills as well. We offer contract distillation work at various places across the country.

We also can provide you with copper whiskey thrives, funnels, test stills,  yeast equipment including yeast jugs and more. We also sell barrels for Black Water Cooperage in South Carolina which we be available this summer. 

Look forward to meeting you and finding out what we can do for you. 


Thomas Earl

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2 hours ago, bhagwanmaltworks said:

Hello Thomas,

Are you still located in the Finger Lakes area?  I am starting a distillery on the west side of Keuka Lake and would like to explore some of the things you mention. 

Carlton Reeves

Krooked Tusker Distillery

Yes I am. Please give me a call or text message and we can talk. 

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Jedd. They are typical my style beer stills. They take solids and there is finished whiskey when you are done. Through out all depends on the diameter of the still and how fast you want to run it. I will have a website up soon enough. But they are a game changer in the small distillery market. So far one large manufacturer, whom I designed for, and several small companies have made them. The only one to run are the one made that I designed. The ones built that need a pot to reboil to help make steam and cook the booze out the column left do not make the right flavor. These stills are depending on size are cheaper than most China built pot stills. I do people honest and so not mark them up several times.  

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