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25 Gallon Char 4 barrels sale

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Once again our barrel company has sent us the wrong char level for what we do.  I have four 25 gallon Char 4 barrels for sale.  they are brand new and still wrapped in the plastic. 

They are regularly $270 a piece plus shipping.  I will sell them for $240/each plus shipping.  Or if you are driving distance from Northwest PA, you can come pick them up.


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I am located in Kane, PA.  CJ Spirits.

And in answer to indy......the company both times cut me a deal and I can pass it on to somebody else.  Plus, they are very nice to deal with and I don't want to ruin a good thing.  Not sure if you are buying any barrels yet, but sometimes they can be tough to get.  These guys are good to me, so instead of having them pay for shipping twice I try to sell them local.

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