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7" vs 4" Barrel Racks


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I am trying to figure out whether to use 4" (low profile) racks or 7" (standard height) racks and had two questions for folks who might be using them

1. How hard is it to get a sample from a barrel in 4" rack with another barrel above it ? What is the typical gap between them ?

2. If we want to keep the height to below 12 feet (for fire reasons), how many barrels can we stack with the standard (7") or low profile (4") racks ?

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I use the 4" racks with 52 gal. barrels.

1. The gap between the bung hole and the bottom of the barrel above it is 6 inches. Access is good provided the racks have inside cross bars. 

2. A stack of 4 barrels high is 11 ft. 

Note: I have used 4" racks with inside cross bars for sale. They are dark brown powder coated. I am located in Livermore CA. if you want to check out how they work.

Call Mike @ 925-980-0269


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  Thanks for the information. So even with the low profile 4" racks, you can't get 5 barrels below 12 feet (to avoid going into high pile storage) ?
I'll reach out to you to come check out the racks.

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4" racks work great as long as you are picking your loaded racks from the head side. 4" racks are unsafe to pick from the side. 7" can be safely picked from any side

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