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I am a seasoned distiller with 4 years under my belt and I am looking for growth at a new venue.  I am looking for a Head Distiller position or a higher up position than assistant distilling.  I have much experience with larger and smaller scale craft distilling from start to finish of the process, with a focus on whiskies and syrup based alcohols.  I have done literally everything in a distillery from grain to bottle.  I have helped to develop and grow a now flourishing distillery and am now ready to spread my wings, learn more and take on a new world.  I have created and modified recipes for the distillery I worked for as well as for other distilleries under contract.  I have made recipes increase their yield by 175% without changing grains or flavor of recipes, as well as managing employees, representing distilleries publically, creating huge online SOP / knowledge databases.   I have a considerable amount of pride in making what I put my heart into and making the best spirits. 

I also have the knowledge to help your distillery with recipes, management, become more efficient and everything in between.  I am willing to relocate to the right fit and am very free at the moment.

Feel free to contact me at whiskeysmithy@gmail.com, I will happily get you my resume, recommendations (all which should impress) and cover letter.  

Thank you for your time, I look forward to working with you.

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