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Just bought this reconditioned paddle conveyor last week and found out it is going to be a little to short for my needs.

It can be used on any angle from 0-90 (horizontal to vertical) and has a 5" auger at the bottom that feeds it. The drive pulley is at the top (no motor included). Conveyor is made of rubber paddles attached to chain. That same chain also drives the feed auger at the bottom. 10' overall height with a 9'6" discharge. Everything turns free by hand. $250 OBO. Please feel free to email adam.stumpf@stumpysspirits (dot) com for more information.



Paddle Conv.jpg

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Just a safety warning to the person who bought that conveyor, make sure you put a strong mesh cover over the auger bin. If someone tripped they could get an arm or leg torn off, or just get a grain sack jammed in the conveyor.

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