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New Stock - 825 Gallon Jacketed Portable Tanks Ready To Ship - Made in USA

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19 Dec 2017: We have just completed a production run of 16 of the 825 Gal / 3120 L sizes, ready to ship. Contact us for more info.


Spokane Industries has several in-stock, READY TO SHIP portable stainless steel tanks.  We have 2 sizes available. These tanks are manufactured by us in Spokane, Washington, USA.

NOTE: If we are out-of-stock when you contact us, the tanks are something that we can produce with minimal wait time. Please inquire!

2 Standard sizes:

  •      550 Gallons / 2080 Liters  -  Starting at $3061.00
  •      825 Gallons / 3120 Liters  -  Starting at $3819.00


  •      550 Gal - 53" Dia x 66" H 
  •      825 Gal - 65" Dia x 66" H

Standard Features:

  •      Open Top
  •      Dimpled Cooling Jackets
  •      Tri-Clover Drain Port and Racking Port
  •      Threaded Thermowell
  •      Ice Shield
  •      Fork Pockets

Optional Features (We can add to standard tank before shipping):

  •      Vertical 18" Tall Grain Screen Over Drain, Removable  -  Add $946.00
  •      13" x 17" (ID) Bottom Cleanout Manway  -  Add $1096.00
  •      Lid w/ Bulb Edge Seal and Vent Ferrule -  Add $750.00

Useful for Fermenting, Barrel Work, Bottling, Other

Fork-Pockets are Pallet Jack Compatible, and are Strong Enough to Invert the Tank With a Fork Lift for Solids Dumping (After Draining)

Stackable When Not In Use

Shipping to your destination is extra - Please inquire

At Your Service:  Ken Ovnicek  509-921-8868   ken@spokaneindustries.com

Portable Tank Brochure



IMG_6879.jpg.b350b705f97689ae0da00a570db56c8e.jpg    IMG_6452.thumb.jpg.1cec97d47ba6f3c904ffb406337c480c.jpg



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Hi Jeff.

These tanks are slightly sloped to the front drain fitting. As the manufacturer, one can never guess how a customer might use a small, portable tank, beyond the obvious (storage, fermenting, bottling, barrel filling, settling, but who knows?).  We have sealing lids that can be fitted to add versatility. 

Thanks for the comment!

Ken, Spokane Industries


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jeffw - we move our 625 gallon tanks around using a pallet jack for every ferment.  Gotta pull/push it about 40 yards from the crush room (processing raw sugarcane) to the distillery.  It's mofo.. forklift is quite good at it though.  

Spokane - do these have CIP or ports to allow an install of them? 

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Hi.  I added dimensions.  Sorry about that - That spec should of been there for the beginning!  No CIP, these are a pretty manageable size can can be cleaned easily from the top.  However, if you want a port installed, we can quote it if you are interested.


Tank Dimensions:  550 Gal 53" Diam x 66" H   -   835 Gal 65" Diam x 66" H

Ken Ovnicek - Spokane Industries - 509-921-8868 - ken@spokaneindustries.com

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Hi Dave.

Sorry i missed your message.  I was not actively monitoring the forum message box.

Yes, as of 28 February 2017, we have: 

1 550 Gal no manyway / no lid

2 550 Gal with manyway / with lid

3 825 Gal with no manway / no lid

2 825 Gal no manway / with lid

We can build more quite quickly if needed.

If interested, please contact me at sedwards@spokaneindustries.com, or 509-241-4116


Sherri Edwards

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