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Distilled Gin v. Redistilled


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Hey All,

I have a question which might have been answered before but I've not seen it specifically stated...

I want to make a gin using my own distilled product for the base and then simply blend a neutral spirit with it after the distillation process. Is this considered redistillation or can it be considered a distilled gin since I'm not actually re-distilling any product?

I can't really find any info on this type of process, and in the past I've only ever made re-distilled gin.

Any help would be fantastic.

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That's a good question. If I'm not mistaken, it depends on the percentage of your own distilled spirit vs neutral spirit ratio. If you ask the TTB a few times, you may get the answer you are hoping to get eventually. They are happy to answer those questions, though you may get a different answer depending on which agent answers. Good luck!

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You are going to find out from the TTB in any case, because you will have to submit a formula. And then your COLA will have to be linked to that formula. Depending on the details, they may require you to label it distilled gin (for distilled or redistilled) or compound gin (because you are blending a flavored agent, your base gin, with a neutral). But if you mean can you consider it a DISTILLED gin that does NOT require a formula, no you can not. Because you are blending it, the spirit used to blend is changing from one category or type to another category or type, and that requires a formula. So no, the product is not distilled gin. I suspect it will be considered compound.

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