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TTB Formula Approvals - Meadowsweet


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Hey everyone, 

Has anyone ever tried to get a formula approved with the herb Meadowsweet (latin name Filipendula ulmaria)? I'm experiencing a lot of difficulty with my TTB officer at the moment. I know of multiple products that list meadowsweet right on the bottle/label, so I'm curious if anyone has any ideas why they want to deny me use of this herb. I've gone through three rounds of formula corrections all coming back negative. What do you guys think?

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What does TTB say the issue is?  Silk City's suggestion that it is a GRAS matter seems likely.  

I did a Google Search and found an USDA website, https://npgsweb.ars-grin.gov/gringlobal/taxonomydetail.aspx?17105, which contained the following:

Common names:

Economic Importance:

  • Food additives: flavoring (fide HerbSpices)
  • Environmental: ornamental (fide Dict Gard; Hortus 3)
  • Medicines: folklore (fide CRC MedHerbs ed2; Herbs Commerce ed2)

The site contains a long list of references that I am not about to read.  But, If the issue with TTB is whether meadowsweet has the FDA's blessing for use in foods, you are going to have to demonstrate it does, so you might want to crack those books.  

If you want to use "exotic" ingredients, be prepared to fight for them.  TTB rightfully has concerns about what people put into spirits.  Outright poisons in spirits were,  in fact, one of the driving forces behind the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906, the government's first foray into regulating ingredients in food and drug products.  That also is how it became illegal to sell spirits in quantities of more than one gallon to persons not specifically authorized to possess bulk spirits.

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