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Plastic Spirit Bottles


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Pints and half pints are not authorized sizes for liquor bottlers.

§ 5.47a   Metric standards of fill (distilled spirits bottled after December 31, 1979).

(a) Authorized standards of fill. The standards of fill for distilled spirits are the following:

(1) For containers other than cans described in paragraph (a)(2), of this section—

1.75 liters

1.00 liter

750 milliliters

500 milliliters (Authorized for bottling until June 30, 1989)

375 milliliters

200 milliliters

100 milliliters

50 milliliters

(2) For metal containers which have the general shape and design of a can, which have a closure which is an integral part of the container, and which cannot be readily reclosed after opening—

355 milliliters

200 milliliters

100 milliliters

50 milliliters



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