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Display Bottles with No Alcohol


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Does anyone know where I might get colored liquid that we could fill display bottles with for use in venues that are not licensed to sell liquor?  (Is this legal?)  

I've tried food coloring water but after a few months, it either changes color or becomes cloudy.  


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I wouldn't let a bottle go into the wild that contained anything other than what the label indicated.

If you do this, you might want to run a set of alternative labels that clearly indicate the bottles do not contain alcohol, are for display purposes only, not for human consumption, etc etc etc.  Even still, I think this is fraught with potential risk and liability.  Can you imagine?  Some rookie new trainee at whatever venue these are displayed at, steals one, gives it to a friend, who downs a cup full of coke and bleach and ends up in the ER, or worse.  Sorry bluefish - not calling you out here - but it's a good example of why you shouldn't do it.  Sure the TTB wouldn't be pleased if a bottle of Iced Tea came into their lab either.



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