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Batch of vodka recalled in Ontario because alcohol level is too high


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"An Ontario-made brand of vodka is being pulled from store shelves in the province because of a faulty batch that contained double the alcohol content shown on the label.

Christine Bujold of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario says one batch of Georgian Bay brand vodka was not properly diluted prior to bottling.

She says the 654 bottles in batch 19 are labelled as containing 40 per cent alcohol by volume, but says the contents are actually 81 per cent alcohol".


Mistakes, anyone can make them, they cost money and damage reputations. Checklists can be useful.



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Bombay Sapphire: Canada recalls gin over too strong alcohol content

Officials said the 1.14 litre bottles of Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin should have had 40% alcohol content by volume when the actual figure was 77%.

They said the problem had been traced back to the production line.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said no illnesses associated with the gin had been reported.

Drinks giant Bacardi, which distributes Bombay Sapphire, said the affected batch was believed to have only been sold in Canada.


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The only way I can comprehend this happening is someone hooked up the bottler to the wrong tank.

We take one final sample from the bottling machine and ensure it meets quality, and to triple check that we are hooked to the right tank. All of our tanks, valves, hoses and filter housings are color coded to the corresponding spirit to avoid cross contamination of flavors and to avoid mistakes.  The blue hose is for vodka, it goes to the blue filter which connects to the blue tank with the blue valve. This and all the clamps gets a final check by a second person.

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"An unsatisfied customer in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., singlehandedly tipped off the liquor sales industry to a batch of wildly potent gin circulating in Canada, forcing a recall of 6,000 bottles of Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin across seven provinces, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario said Wednesday.

Despite a nationwide effort to destroy the bottles, more than 1,000 remained unaccounted for in Ontario alone, according to estimates released Wednesday evening.

“A regular connoisseur of Bombay Sapphire gin realized that the taste profile was off,”a Bombay spokesperson said Thursday. And no wonder, since the LCBO’s quality assurance lab found the gin had 77 per cent alcohol content — nearly double the 40 per cent advertised on the bottle...

The lab’s finding led to a recall of a single “lot” the 1.14L bottles Bombay Sapphire (1,000 cases with six bottles per case) distributed across Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Manitoba, Alberta, Quebec and Saskatchewan, according to Bacardi Ltd., which owns Bombay.

The over proof gin “inadvertently” entered the bottling line at a third-party bottling plant in the United Kingdom when “they were switching from one bottling tank to another bottling tank,” Bacardi spokeswoman Amy Federman said in an email. The problem gin was used in the bottling line for no more than 45 minutes, “a short period of time,” she said. Bacardi expects only “a few” of the 1,000 recalled cases actually contain bottles with 77 per cent alcohol. The batch was shipped to Canada sometime late last year, she said...

“Remember, the product isn’t unsafe,” Federman said, “it just was recalled because the label says 40 per cent and it didn’t in fact contain 40 per cent…. There’s much higher proof alcohol out there that people drink and buy everyday — but it’s labelled properly.”




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