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Anchoring barrel racks


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Wanted to know if anyone had to anchor barrel racks for seismic reasons. We are looking to get the 7" 4 barrel racks from Country Connection and stack them 4 high to stay under the high pile storage. One architect we are considering told us that these will need to be anchored seismically because they exceed 5' in height and 400 lbs in weight.

Has anyone else run into this issue. Since they sit on top of each other, Not sure how they'd be anchored. Maybe strap adjacent racks together ?

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I used to work in central cali and never have I seen in any winery, barrel racks anchored to the ground. If theres an earthquake, your anchored racks wont save you. Barrelsafe an excellent solution to the earthquake concern

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When I read the code for our installation, my interpretation was that those seismic precautions were for items not moved on a regular basis. So, if you could argue that you rotate  your stock or have to move the racks on a "regular basis" you may be able to get around it. Just A thought.


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