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Rite-Temp RTS-1603 Air Cooled Chiller (16 Tons)


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RTS-1603 Chiller supplies 192,000 BTU/HR (16 Tons) cooling at 45F chilled glycol/water.  It is a 4 compressor unit.  Power requirements are 208V 3PH 60Hz.  This unit was operational when taken out of service in August to be replaced with a much larger unit.  This unit was used along with a chilled water tank and Heat Exchanger to crash cool a 500 gallon Mash Tank, cooling water for the pot still condenser and chilled water cooling for (4) 500 gallon fermenters.  It has dual circulator pumps (one standby) manually selected.  This unit was put into service in May 2015.  I think that one of the 4 compressors will need to be replaced.  Originally paid $23.7K for unit new.  Asking $10K as-is.  FOB Origin Manassas, VA 20110.  PM me with any questions.

RTS RTR-1603 electrical panel layout.pdf


Rite-Temp RTRRTS-1603 electrical schematic.pdf

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Hello Kara,

What other info would you like?  Links to the specs and some pictures are available in the original posts.  Also, search on the water pump in the For Sale section and the details are there for the pump.  I used this system until it was too small for the new equipment cooling needs.  You can give me a call if you would like.  703-587-4680.

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