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what kind of activated carbon filter you use?


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I know there are Granular Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges and Carbon Block cartridges? does anyone know which one is the best for this? and how often we have to change it? I aprecciate any help.

I built my own granulated carbon filter. We use about 100# for every 700 gallons of product run through it. I feed the filter with a 3 gal per min diaphram pump and I have another 3 gal per min pump for the return side. When the fill pump is putting more into the filter than I take back out it is time to change the media. Coop

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sorry for asking again, but what means 100 # ? or maybe is a problem in my computer and I can not read the # sign?

wikipedia is your salvation:

Usage in North America

Mainstream use in the U.S.A. as follows: when it precedes a number, it is read as "number", as in "a #2 pencil" (spoken aloud as: "a number two pencil"); however, when it follows a number it is read as "pounds" referring to the unit of weight, as in "5# of sugar" (spoken aloud as "five pounds of sugar"), or the number of hits a webpage gets (written as "my video on YouTube got 345# today"). The first form is more widely used by the general population while the second form is more specifically used in the food service and grocery/produce industries, or other fields where units of pounds (as weight) need to be hand-written frequently or repetitively.

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