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  Our state is the rule maker on hours and I would assume that's pretty similar regardless of where a distillery is located.  For reference, in Montana we can only have the tasting room open from 10-8, only allowed to sell 2 oz per person per day, and 1.75L per person per day.



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Seems I forgot to update this... after making a couple of calls I did speak with the ABC (alcohol beverage control) in the great state of New Jersey and was informed by two different people that in fact the State does not set operating hours. Operating hours are set by the municipality. 

This did lead me to ask a couple of places why they thought they had to close at 10pm. To be fair it was two craft breweries and only one distillery so its not exactly a real survey. However all 3 of them said "I heard it from someone".  Seems to me depending on what your doing in your tasting room you might want to stay open a little later then 9 or 10pm. Especially on Friday and Saturday.



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