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AlcoDens LQ on Linux


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For those non-window folks...  I've been running AlcoDens LQ 3.3 under linux/wine (specifically Ubuntu 18.04 / wine 3.0 from the repo) without any glitches whatsoever.  Remarkably good stuff!


Edit: added AD version number


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1 hour ago, StonesRyan said:

Longing for the day Harvey adds a Mac version! Meanwhile, I have a PC that only gets used for Alcodens.

1. Download VirtualBox for Mac (free).

2. Install Windows.

3. Install AlcoDens.

Of course, it's also possible to buy perfectly good Windows laptops on ebay for under $100, which may be even easier.

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Jedd, I considered that but my understanding is that then exposes your Mac to PC malware. I opted for your second suggestion and got a cheap Acer PC for Alcodens. Anyway, as a Mac user for the last decade I can barely navigate Windows anymore.


Indy, web-based would be great but I do appreciate that it's such an affordable - and totally indispensable - piece of software and I'm fine having a dedicated PC just for Alcodens!

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6 hours ago, StonesRyan said:

Indy, web-based would be great but I do appreciate that it's such an affordable ... piece of software

A SaaS solution should have little, if any, impact on price and has real advantages --  hardware & OS agnosticism (Mac, PC, Chromebook, Android, IOS, Solaris,  NeXT, Lisa -- ok maybe not), truly portable,  zero-cost updating, zero-install for the customer, ability to collect usage metrics,  and for the publisher a long term revenue stream. We're definitely going to buy the LQ version but I'd gladly pay $20 / month forever so we can run it on our Chromebooks throughout the facility. 

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Thanks to all for the kind words and the good information on running AlcoDens on Mac and Linux - it is useful to have all this information in one place.

If I look at the size of our installed userbase and try to estimate what fraction of them would prefer a SAAS app to a desktop application I can't see a web version being viable.  I believe that it is possible to get a Windows desktop app to work as a web app on a chromebook using Google's Remote Desktop app but I have not done it myself.


Although our license allows multiple machines to run on a single license, it looks like this application would only handle one chromebook at a time.

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An AlcoDens user recently informed me that he found an even better way to run AlcoDens on a Mac.  He is using CrossOver from CodeWeavers.  This software costs about US$ 50.00 but it makes the installation of AlcoDens so much easier.  It isn't free like the Wine option, but it's a whole lot cheaper and more convenient than having to run a separate Windows machine just for AlcoDens.

I have updated the AlcoDens for Mac page with the links to CrossOver and some more details on how to do the installation.

CrossOver is also available for Chromebook and for Linux, but I haven't tested those.

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I haven't seen a way to run Windows applications on the iPad itself, but there are several solutions which allow you to use the iPad to view and control a Windows program running on a separate Windows computer.  Have a look at Team Viewer, Jump Desktop, Parallels Access etc.  But please note, we have not tested any of these ourselves.

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I’d be against a web based app myself. I really hate them as they depend on web access and that can be problematic sometimes and some places.  Also the web apps I have used before verbally sucked and were slow and annoying. 

mark me down for an iPad os based version tho.  I’ve looked at the options for running it on iPad and it basically boils down to needing another computer.


alternatively another setup wouldn’t be bad if I could get it to run on something like a $100 raspberry pi ARM based Linux.  Wine depends on an x86 base so it’s no good just now.  If you go to a single board computer that’s x86 then the price triples for a setup. 


personally I’m trying to simplify my computing setups and eliminate my laptop for just an iPad.  So far using alcodens and playing decent games are my only limitations. 

With its small form factor one can run a raspberry pi from an iPad and have it still be very portable. Together and with a battery bank, the whole setup would still weigh less than a laptop.  Further you could use the PI as a control computer for your distillery systems and monitors. 


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