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making gin in a stripping still


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19 hours ago, jrfalcon said:

Making Gin in a stripping still, would a stripping still work if you infused the engredents and soak them over night if you use your final run of vodka, than run it as a stripping run?  

It could certainly work. A "London dry gin" is defined as starting with vodka (neutral spirit distilled about 190 proof), then redistilling with juniper and botanicals. That can be done in any kind of still. You likely would want to do cuts, to eliminate some of the undesirable components from the juniper, keeping the desirable mono-terpenes, so unlike a fast stripping run, you might want to run slower for better separation, at least at the start and finish. You could even add a gin-basket in line before the condenser, if you want to use that method for botanical extraction.

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