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  1. Wow, that's awesome!!! My wife is the amateur historian and she's very familiar with Herman Husband, in fact, we have a drink named in his honor on our cocktail menu today (pic attached). She's so excited to have made contact with someone who can trace their roots back to the rebellion. She's going to go home and consult her research books to see if she can uncover any information on Mr. Philson - I'm sure we'll have a drink named in his honor in the very near future. We're actually going to kick off the Whiskey Rebellion festival in Washington this year by raising a symbolic liberty pole outside of our distillery - all who attend will be honorary members of the new Mingo Creek Society. If you ever get back this way you HAVE to stop in!!
  2. no kidding? Awesome story! He would have been charged with sedition, that was the penalty for erecting liberty poles back in the day. Thanks for sharing your story. Hamilton actually rode with the army and personally knocked on David Bradford's door (he was the de facto leader of the rebellion) to arrest him but Bradford was already gone. Bradfords restored home is about 500 yards from our distillery in Washington PA.
  3. Hi Rachael, as Foreshot mentioned above, the pallet stackers are perfect solutions for those of us who don't have room to operate a fork lift. We build our own 3 level barrel racks and use the pallet stacker to load/unload from the top two rows. Here's a link to an Instagram video we recently posted that shows a barrel being offloaded onto our racks. These are 15 gallon barrels.
  4. Congrats on getting the doors open and welcome to the Pennsylvania distilling scene!!
  5. Agreed but easier said than done!
  6. We mop!
  7. All kidding aside, you don't have to wait 2 years for whiskey. While that is preferable, quicker aging is possible (albeit expensive) in small casks. Fill small casks first while gradually transitioning to larger and larger casks. Not optimal but it sure beats 2 years waiting for revenue...
  8. Once you settle on your numbers (whatever they may be) do this simple adjustment: Multiply your expense forecast by 2 and divide your revenue forecast by 2!
  9. Hoochware
  10. Another thumbs up for Groupon. We've sold 250 tours (our max allotment) in just about 1 month. These Groupon customers will basically ensure us steady traffic in our tasting room on Saturdays for the next 5 months based on our tour capacity. We've only been running our Groupon tours 3 weeks now but have been encouraged by the percent of customers that buy an extra cocktail, bottle or souvenir while they're here. Also, don't underestimate the Groupon review feature, these folks seem to fill out more reviews than our non Groupon visitors.
  11. Can't go wrong with US-FIP
  12. Great post 3dog!
  13. Welcome! Love the packaging!
  14. I have a 300 gallon setup, natural gas boiler (1 million btu) with basically the same production scheduler hedgebird described. His $450 estimate is pretty accurate. Some months higher, some lower but on average, that's a pretty good budgeting number
  15. Tom, I'm definitely a believer in spreadsheets and home built solutions if you have the time and skill to pull that off. I was in that business for 25 years before I opened our distillery and I fully intended to roll my own distillery solution. My issue was simply the learning curve required to satisfy TTB requirements as well as the myriad of other tasks that I hoped to solve with a custom made system of my own design. I decided to look in to Hoochware and I haven't looked back since. As others have mentioned, HW manages all aspects of TTB reporting but it does so much more, customer and supplier tracking, inventory control with alerts when it's time to re-order, recipe maintenance, invoices, etc. If you have the time and the "Excel-fu" (I like that term) skills to build your own, then by all means do it - I agree it would be a great exercise to familiarize yourself with the CFR. But, If you lack time and/or programming skills, and I'm betting most here will lack one or the other, I'd take a long, hard look at HoochWare.
  16. Thanks for the link Odin, very interesting. I couldn't find this unit on TTB's list of approved devices, does anyone know if it has been approved?
  17. Hey Justin, welcome to the forum. PA is a pretty good state to start a craft distilling business in. I'm in western PA but if you're ever out this way I'd be happy to show you around! Cheers, Jim
  18. Thanks foreshot and bull! We can handle about 30 people in our tasting room and we can accommodate another 10 in the private tasting room. If we open up the entire building, including the distillery floor, we can host private events for about 75 people.
  19. Good idea bull, I'll post a few. I'll preface the pics with a very brief backstory behind our brand. Being located in Washington, PA, we're at the center of many of the events of the Whiskey Rebellion (I could hit the restored home and now national historic site of David Bradford, the leader of the rebellion, with a 9 iron from my front door). We went with a very colonial theme in our tasting room including a colonial fireplace back bar, the portrait of Alexander Hamilton (hanging upside down) above the fireplace, 1790's themed lighting fixtures, tables we made out of reclaimed barn wood and a separate dining room for private tastings and events.
  20. This is what we use. Our barrel racks are designed to allow us to roll a barrel off the forks onto the rack where it can then be rolled into place. Our racks have lower and upper rails and that's about as high of a lift as we can get out of this stacker. Like I said, not the best solution but it was our only option.
  21. Our basement where we store barrels is too narrow and the ceiling height too low to accommodate a forklift so we're forced to use a hydraulic pallet jack for lifting, unloading trucks, etc. It works but life would be easier with a forklift.
  22. Hey 3d0g, we typically do 3 to 4 mashes per week. We use about 200 gallons of water per mash. We have a closed loop cooling system with a 500 gallon reservoir.
  23. We measure PG per bushel of grain but not by employee. Given the different size operations across the universe of craft distillers, your metric would only be useful when compared to distilleries that run the same size and type still/fermenters/etc as you do.
  24. I learned to distill on a Colonel Wilson Georgia Ridge still.