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  1. Boiling point adjusted for elevation

    Temperature is only one parameter we consider when making cuts. Proof, smell, taste can't be discounted. Some products we go deeper into the tails, others not so much. You can and should consider many different things when making cuts.
  2. Storage of low wines

    We use 30 and 55 gallon SS barrels. We have all of the 30 gallon barrels sitting on movers dolly's so it's easy to roll them onto our floor scale, the 55 gallon barrels have integrated wheels. Since we don't have room for a forklift, these smaller drums work really well for us.
  3. Holiday gift boxes

    We'd like to assemble some gift boxes this holiday season - a bottle and glencairn glass, a couple 375 ml bottles, etc. Does anybody have any suggestions on gift box suppliers?
  4. Cheers from Salt Lake City, UT

    That are doing very well despite being located in Utah!
  5. Cheers from Salt Lake City, UT

    Have you heard about High West?
  6. Feeding the mill

    Around 500 pounds per batch - takes about 1 hour.
  7. Feeding the mill

    We use a grain scoop and load it by hand!
  8. Who has the answers?

    First of all, good luck to you! I can't speak to all of your questions so I'll take a stab at the ones that I have thoughts on. 1) Software - You owe it to yourself to also consider Hoochware as your distillery management solution. Great product, great service, highly recommended. 2) Marketing - We have been using Groupon and have been very satisfied with the results. Most of our tour customers are Groupon voucher holders. We are reaching people outside of our immediate area and most tell us they had not heard of us prior to seeing our deal on Groupon. Our Groupon deal is structured as discount on our tour which includes a cocktail and a tasting. We've found that most tour customers either stick around for another cocktail or take home a bottle or two and/or some merchandise. If you can break even on the tour (after Groupon takes their cut) you will generate a decent amount of revenue on those folks with their after tour purchases. I guess t-shirts or engraved glencairn glasses are the most popular non-booze item but to be honest, the non-booze stuff doesn't really make that much of an impact (at least for us). 3) Hours - our tasting room is open from 11-7 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for tastings, bottle sales and cocktails. Since we're at the distillery on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we open the tasting room from 9-5 but only for bottle sales and tastings. Since we have a couple people there at all times, taking care of a customer doesn't really impact production on M-T-W since we can always keep one person back in the shop - having only your master distiller could present a problem if he/she is being pulled to the front too often. 4) I used a consultant to help me with my DSP application but I did the grunt work and was the only point of contact for the application. That way I had a sounding board for my answers but I was able to be very responsive to the TTB since they were reaching out to me with any issues. Cheers!
  9. Hello from the Burg

    Hey Black Creek, welcome to the forum! Good luck to you and if by "Burg" you mean Pittsburgh, welcome to the Western PA distilling community!
  10. spirit scales

    Call Fred using contact info below, great customer service, great equipment. Fred Herrmann Sr Sales Executive Prime USA Scales Main Call Center | 511 F St. Suite 502 San Diego, CA 92101 | Tel: 858-484-8000 Direct: 858-405-3111 | Fax: 619-299-1800 Email: fred@primeusascales.com
  11. Greetings from Pittsburgh, PA

    BTW Joe, if you're ever down south in Washington PA, feel free to drop in and say hello!
  12. Greetings from Pittsburgh, PA

    Foreshot, there's a new distillery opening in the Carnegie one of these days but I'm not sure of their time frame. We've had more luck doing combined distillery/brewery/winery tours rather than all distilleries.
  13. Greetings from Pittsburgh, PA

    Welcome to the board Joe and welcome to the Western PA distilling community!!
  14. Stillhouse Vs. Whiskey Systems

    Lots of threads on this site that compare the various distillery management systems. I would encourage you to also evaluate Hoochware - we use it and love it!
  15. Insurance

    That's surprising, I'd give Aaron another call, he's the best.
  16. Filter for bottling line - dealing with barrel char

    We pre-filter out of the barrel and then use a 5 micron filter when bottling.
  17. Steam Control

    We have a globe valve on our steam line that allows us to control the flow of steam to the still.
  18. Stillhouse vs. Whiskey Systems

    Can't speak to Whiskey Systems but was wondering if you've looked at Hoochware? You really owe it to yourself to evaluate all three. We love Hoochware.
  19. Hello from Western Pennsylvania

    Welcome! Our distillery is in Washington PA, feel free to drop by and say hello sometime. Regarding malt, check out Breiss and Great Western Malting.
  20. FIP Pumps

    Thumbs up for US FIP!
  21. Bottle Labeling Machine

    We also have the taper capable RLTC. Does a very nice job on our slightly tapered bottles. I went back through my emails with Marc and I don't see any DW on our order, we simply ordered the RLTC.
  22. Bottle Labeling Machine

    The Race works very well for us.
  23. Storing Barrels in a tight spot

    Wow! Great minds think alike!
  24. Get your Federal Permit? How long did it take?

    Congrats! Now the fun begins!