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  1. (SOLD!) Race RL1 Bottle Labeler (SOLD!)

    @SkaalvennWhat kind of auto labeller did you get?
  2. end results

    what kind of still are you using? Pot? Column? Reflux or not? What is the abv of your wash? There are a few factors missing here to even make a estimate
  3. Distillery Tours

    rthsfd we walk on tours through our production process and along the way try to make the tour an engaging conversation. asking the the tour group questions " what is the most important ingrediant in whiskey?" What makes a whiskey a bourbon? Whats the difference between vodka and bourbon? Asking your groups these kinds of questions sparks conversation and increases group engagement. Typically these discussions lead to a more engaging experience for the group. On the other hand if it is a group of people who have spent the day wine (no longer sober) tasting we bring them in get a picture of the group with the still and whiskey barrels then send them back to the tasting room
  4. Bottling, Labeling and Packaging Time

    There are many factors that will determine the speed of your bottling line. How many steps in your bottling process? empty your bottles from boxes, rinse, fill, cork, label, shrink or sticker over closure, rebox. palletize? How many hands will be working the bottling line? How many spouts on your bottle filler? Do you need to apply labels to your bottles? On our bottling line with two people working it we can fill 80 bottles in an hour If we bring in temps to help work the bottling line we can fill 600 bottles an hour
  5. Do your tanks clog with a 1" inner diameter

    Denver congrats on getting your DSP. Our fermentation tanks have 2" lines and we use milled grain, not flour (grain in fermentation). Never had an issue with clogging but we do have to stir the beer really good to get it to pump out. If you are doing grain in there is no need for a conical fermentor as you will be distilling everything including the yeast. I could easily see a 1" clogging up but I do not have any personal experience to prove it