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  1. Tractor

    Got any deals on a used T-800?
  2. Lees - in or out?

    This article explains some of the chemistry of lees in/out. distribution of esters.pdf
  3. Tank aging of fruit/berry based Liqueurs

    @MDH You're really good with the chemistry of spirits. What are your thoughts?
  4. I have several friends that work there. I hope that whoever got hurt isn't anything bad. Be careful out there. I'll post details as I hear them. http://www.wpxi.com/news/top-stories/small-explosion-at-strip-district-distillery-injures-worker/676147007
  5. Small explosion at Wigle Whiskey

    It happened after a run of hopped whiskey. Not sure if it was something with a pump getting clogged up or what. The person wasn't hurt bad luckily. They think it was a problem with the still, not what they were doing. It's still being investigated.
  6. ACSA Convention

    His distillery is awesome. The Tasting room alone is worth the trip. And he and his family are really nice people. And he's not even paying me to say that.
  7. ACSA Convention

    The Penguins are in town that week: Tuesday vs Hurricanes, Thursday vs Wilds.
  8. ACSA Convention

    Same as Thatch. I'm less than 10 minutes from the Convention Center & $600 is way too much just to check it out. For those that do come check out Butcher & Rye (Whiskey bar, walkable to convention center) and Hidden Harbor (Tiki bar, a little further out, Uber or Taxi it). If you have any questions on what to do in the city Huffy2k or I can answer those questions. Tons of stuff to do outside of the convention.
  9. EZDISTILLING.com need ideas

    The index on the bottle thing - I wish manufacturers would tell people that. I've told 4-5 different craft people that it goes in the back. Even had one guy tell me he liked it in the front. For small craft guys - how to fill a bottle properly & the rules around it. Not everyone has a filler. We did by weight per bottle before we got a filler. Slow but legal. How to use a heat shrink tunnel. TTB recording and reporting for people starting without experience. Proofing
  10. Small explosion at Wigle Whiskey

    This one says boiler, not sure if they mean the still boiling kettle or the steam boiler: http://www.post-gazette.com/local/city/2018/01/04/1-hurt-injured-boiler-explosion-Wigle-Whiskey-distillery-Strip-District/stories/201801040157
  11. Identifying Infection

    Honestly I can't believe we don't get into the geekier side of things on this forum more. Esters are a huge hole to go down. I would love to get deeper into your guys experience with them. Phenolics are another area that is interesting. Thanks SCD & Ironton, I'm always interested in hearing what people have to say about developing flavors.
  12. Identifying Infection

    Take a sample and look at the pellicle. If it breaks down in to little balls it could be Pichia. If you mill in the same area as you ferment you likely have a mixture of infections. Infections aren't necessarily a bad thing. It helps with ester formation. If you get an infection after the main part of your fermentation is done it doesn't affect yield significantly. I would still sanitize your fermenter afterwards as early infections will decrease yield. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pichia
  13. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  14. Federal Excise Tax and my thoughts

    I'm with BlueFIsh, don't lower your prices. Your customers are buying a premium product and they aren't going to buy significantly more on a small price drop. (If you lower your price 10% they aren't going to buy 10% more). If your customers were price sensitive they would be buying a cheaper product anyhow. I'm assuming most of you are charging $30-$50/bottle, so a $2/bottle price drop won't introduce significantly higher sales. This is where marketing comes into play. Where is price when it comes to the most important reasons your customers buy? If its not the top 2-3 reasons then a small price drop won't increase sales. It might feel good to do it but business wise it's better to hold the line. This is a helper, not a game changer. Keep the money and invest it so that when the 2 years is up you have less debt, more production capabilities, or do some marketing. Though WhiskeyTango's idea seems the most fun. Technical term here: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/priceelasticity.asp
  15. Bostonapothecary.com

    If you haven't been on Boston Apothecary lately do yourself a favor and go there. He's translating a bunch of old rum papers. Tons of great information & research. https://www.bostonapothecary.com
  16. Can we do something about the spammers?

    @EZdrinking Thanks, much appreciated.
  17. Can we please do something about the spammers? I and others have reported posts and users as spammers but no one is doing anything about them. Here's a list of the latest ones: Posts: http://adiforums.com/topic/9027-daily-market-analysis-from-forexmart/ http://adiforums.com/topic/9028-company-news-by-forexmart/ http://adiforums.com/topic/8370-instaforex-company-news/ http://adiforums.com/topic/8724-trade-btc-for-paypal-usd/ http://adiforums.com/topic/9080-hong-kong-wine-lovers-get-u-turn-on-festival’s-pet-cup-policy/ Users: http://adiforums.com/profile/11141-instaforex-gertrude/ http://adiforums.com/profile/14386-ifx-yvonne/ http://adiforums.com/profile/14482-elkhouli/ http://adiforums.com/profile/14810-wallcups/
  18. Can we do something about the spammers?

    Within a day or so of them posting. I report all of them.
  19. Topping off barrels

    https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?c=ecfr;sid=33fc0c0194b58b6fe95208945b5c637a;rgn=div5;view=text;node=27%3A1.;idno=27;cc=ecfr#se27.1.5_111 Age. The period during which, after distillation and before bottling, distilled spirits have been stored in oak containers. “Age” for bourbon whisky, rye whisky, wheat whisky, malt whisky, or rye malt whisky, and straight whiskies other than straight corn whisky, means the period the whisky has been stored in charred new oak containers. https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?c=ecfr;sid=33fc0c0194b58b6fe95208945b5c637a;rgn=div5;view=text;node=27%3A1.;idno=27;cc=ecfr#se27.1.5_140 (1) In the case of whisky, whether or not mixed or blended but containing no neutral spirits, the age of the youngest whisky. The age statement shall read substantially as follows: “___ years old.” No mention of adding water, proofing, etc changing age statements. Even deeper in 5.40 I don't see anything that would prohibit it. Not saying the interpretation isn't as you state, I just don't see it in the regs. Dave Dunbar @dhdunbar - you have any insight on this?
  20. Topping off barrels

    Not arguing, but is it not effectively the same thing? Personally I would have dumped, proofed, refilled. But everyone's situation is different.
  21. Topping off barrels

    Hubert Germain-Robin: https://www.amazon.com/Maturation-Distilled-Spirits-Vision-Patience/dp/0996827706 Richard Paterson: https://www.amazon.com/Goodness-Nose-Passionate-Revelations-Blender/dp/1903238676 Both advocate for slow proofing and marrying of spirits. It's a lot easier when you have the stocks can can spare a year or more.
  22. Changing pH of wash

    @Mendo Spirit - I think it's https://www.amazon.com/Alcoholic-Beverages-Evaluation-Publishing-Technology/dp/0081016522
  23. final product is cloudy

    Before you mix in your spices try testing some of the white spirit to test for the presence of tails (eg does it cloud up when proofed down). If it doesn't cloud up there then you can focus on the spice mix. For natural spices vs concentrate I don't have that experience to be helpful. If you search the forums for haze or chill filtering you're apt to find something to help. It's a common issue.
  24. final product is cloudy

    Now that I'm awake a little more: For future batches you'll have to go less deep in the tails or reduce the spice/botanical load.
  25. final product is cloudy

    Haze/louching is most likely due to oils from tails or the spices you're using. You can chill filter (it will slightly alter flavor) or up the proof to above 46% or so. I'm sure others will offer some other options as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ouzo_effect