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  1. What business factor(s) caused you to decide that the blood pressure was too high?
  2. Original distillation occurred when Adam convinced Eve to eat the apple - thus discovering the joys of alcohol.
  3. I've tried that and the results were disappointing. I've found the most success at a one hour rest period.
  4. Sort of - one of the best moves you can make is to make sure to own the building you plan to operate in. While I'm happy my place is doing well, if I had to I could just sell the building and all the costs associated with the business are easily covered. If I sell the distillery as a going concern, even better. But, in the end, owning your own real estate makes all the difference in the long run.
  5. Unless you have had (extensive) experience with investors and running an investment grade business - you never start reaching out. Put the investors on the shelf and go to the bank. Way harder to get the money from a bank, but cheaper and easier in the long run with no 'partner' hassles. No one ever wants to hear this advice and they often ignore it, but outside of the big boys, most investor relationships I've witnessed, end in tears.
  6. We have a closed loop system that uses our pond as the cooler. Most of the time it's great but we are at it's limits now.
  7. What you are looking for is a 500kg scale e=d 0.2kg. (Legal for trade.) The best way to source this is through a local supplier who's service technicians are available by appt. - you'll need to have the scale installed and certified at the same time as the CRA officer is inspecting your operation for final licensing.
  8. No problem having your digital thermometer certified - I recommend one of the digital reference thermometers from thermoworks.com. https://www.thermoworks.com/Reference-Thermometer I have one and it is very dependable.
  9. Also, don't forget you loose alcohol as you go - so what might be 7 or 8% in the fermenter may actually be a precent or two less depending on the efficiency of the still and the distiller.
  10. I use two of these devices. I do make vodka with them and it is an excellent product. I do a stripping run and then a spirit run. I push these stills to the bitter edge on a daily basis and they have held up OK. They are however, like European sport cars when the run they run great, when they fail, you're dead in the water.
  11. Yup! But, what I love most about the liquor business is that it's all cash all the time, not like TV where they will gladly pay you Tuesday... Next year.
  12. The three distillers in the area where I live, including myself have all moved over from the TV biz! Welcome to the club. What is it about TV that drives us to drink?!
  13. We don't have a mechanical chiller. Instead our (approx 400') closed loop system is cooled by a large outdoor pond - about the size of a swimming pool. The coolant itself is water and ethanol. The system runs all of the time and can cool the wort cooler, a couple of stills and the mash tun all at the same time. It has however, reached it's limits and if I wanted to add anything else, I would have to redesign it a bit.
  14. Although we don't have one of Paul's - we do have such a device and it works like a charm with our wheat/barley mashes.
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