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  1. Craft is Not a Commodity

    Hiya MS, you might be interested in this Canadian perspective on 'peak beer' ( http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/beer-craftbeer-toolshed-labatt-molson-draught-sleeman-sapporo-abinbev-1.4439295 )which, generally bolsters your point of view. I think 'craft' as known in the beer world is pretty big. Even small breweries can cost millions to start and often the 'craft' of the original intent is further crafted to make sure the product can support a hefty overhead consistently. There are lots of mid-sized distilleries that would also fall into that category and if they have built a strong local market and they can keep the product flowing, they are excellent businessmen and probably understand the market in ways I sure don't. As, I've mentioned in the past, I live in a land awash with craft booze of every kind and so I view the role of the "micro-distillery" as different than trying to service a mid-mass market using the craft term. Instead, I prefer the term 'artisan', suggesting a more 'hands on, locally sourced' approach. I think this gives the very small distiller a fighting chance on the local level, but offers little long term growth potential. Call that sustainable!
  2. Organic distilled spirits means exactly what?

    Given that recent studies have shown that eating organic does nothing from stopping greenhouse gases in any meaningful way and that many 'organic' products do use a variety of chemicals as part of the production process, I would argue that organic is simply a modern marketing ploy. Kinda like 'gluten free' Just because you use barley dosen't mean gluten is in the finished product. I try to explain the chemistry to my clients and they always say, 'well if it's made from wheat it has gluten in it. The end. So we want potato vodka instead." OK whatever. I would be more interested in supporting a local farmer that is not organic but cares for this crop and it's quality over lip service about how organic it is. Not saying organic is bad, I'd just rather save it for the broccoli.
  3. Special Use on Ag Zoned property

    No so in BC as the people at Persephones (a local brewer) will tell you. They have just completed a multi year fight with the agricultural land reserve. Ultimately, the BC government had to change the rules or they would have been forced to move. So, read the instructions carefully.
  4. Buying Ingredients from Local Farms

    Cleanliness is very important! Any kind of weed seeds or other cellulose materials will cause no end of grief.
  5. Apple Brandy Cuts

    You are probably right. However, I've proposed nothing original - I've merely reiterated a technique I've come across in my research. I would doubt there are very many distillers using this system - I simply put it out there as an idea that may lead to solving a problem. That being said though, theoretically, it is correct.
  6. Apple Brandy Cuts

    Yes. Here we can't use cane sugar in the fermentable because cane sugar is not produced in BC. That being said, I suppose one could use honey instead.
  7. What part of the Business Plan did you struggle with?

    I agree, don't let the plan hold you back - but - do use the plan to help find the path to righteousness. Our plan is a work in progress. Although, we work at it carefully - everyday, what happens in real life does not reflect what we wrote. Sometimes we update it, sometimes we don't, It depends. For example we planned extensively around construction (our current phase). As far as we were concerned, we had it covered. However, the realities of dealing with contractors and their own ideas - has largely rendered the plan - and associated budget/schedule useless. They say 'nobody can tell you how to start a distillery' - and that statement so far, has rung true for us. There is tons of great info to be had, but until you are standing at the permit desk arguing with the stubborn permit guy - your plan is just a written fantasy to motivate you to quit writing the plan and to get on with it... With your plan, of course.
  8. Apple Brandy Cuts

    In our jurisdiction we would not be allowed to do this.
  9. Ha! I love the magazine! No its not! But - finding the right kind of name is no easy thing! Nevertheless, don't let that slow you down from making good quality media.
  10. I think the idea of 'shine' or 'moonshine' is a generally accepted idea and I think it has become less burdened by the historical source of the term as more and more legitimate distillers use it. I'm starting to view 'craft' as alcohol producers of all kinds who are producing for a larger, but not fully commercial market. I think of the smaller 2 - 3 person operations as being more associated with the 'artisan' moniker.
  11. This is a great question... For any small M&P/Family operation at a micro level, the bottle(s) the customer buys is merely the souvenir of a great experience. It is the one thing that a bigger or commercial operation can't really duplicate in the same intimate way. Win your backyard.
  12. I've always found it kind of ironic - the people who will likely benefit from print or television the most, often seem the least likely to support a media project. We produced a wine series for two years. We had no shortage of audiences and all kinds of companies that we're eager to help. But, every time we approached the wine industry for sponsorship, they blew us off. Yet, they were begging us to come film them. When the power of what we had done for them finally sank in and they came back the third year and wanted another series, we said no. It was a tough call to be sure, but in the end - the right one - for us anyway. I do understand though why small producers/businesses are reluctant to spend on advertising. Its hard to measure the return sometimes. On the other hand, being mentioned in a publication can do strange and wondrous things. One funny example: one of my DVD products was mentioned, ever so briefly, in a local yachting newsletter somewhere in Florida. A copy of this newsletter wound up in a dental office - and, while that newsletter was in that office - we had a steady stream of orders. They started as if by magic and ended a month later just as abruptly! I checked out your 360 concept on your website. Its a neat idea and I'm looking forward to the next episode.
  13. Too bad you had to pause on the magazine - Its a very nicely styled publication, with a gentle insight - I was just reading it earlier today. Its a tough world for print these days.
  14. Microshiner as in Microshiner Magazine?
  15. BLOOM in bottle???

    I suppose the obvious question is: 'Who is the supplier?' Have you tried to clean the bottles physically, (soap and water) and does that solve the problem? If so, I doubt the supplier will have much sympathy. On the other hand, if your physical effort fails, you probably have more of an argument. I have an acquaintance who bought a C-Can of custom bottles from China. In the end over half of the bottles, either broke, had inconsistent neck widths or were inherently unstable. When the gentleman in question complained, the supplier just shrugged. I've found few guarantees in this business - one certainly has to be self resourceful, that's for sure.