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  1. Yeah--we are on the same page--hair & fruit flies! I've been doing filtering for micro batches of liquors with paper or SS filters, depending on what it is, but these bags look great! Thanks. I've got a coffee vodka that i get most of the sediment out, but there's still some fine bits. Much obliged!
  2. I'm looking for this now! Did you find something you'd recommend? Thanks! ~cathy
  3. I'd love to make our own canister!
  4. The enlo master pyrex filter holder is a major pain--I was thinking of getting a second one for filtering in tandem for some of the liqueurs with higher sediment, but don't want to go further down the lane. Any suggestion for an alternative to this? (We are bottling gin, vodka and liqueurs, and are thinking we'll put out 40K liters this year.)
  5. Hi! would love to have a quick chat about this and what is tight and what is over-tight. I get more grey hair every time I use this thing. Would you be available for a short call?
  6. Hi-- Obviously the higher the alcohol and the higher the sugar, in general, I can expect a limoncello have a longer shelf-life. That said, I wondered if anyone had suggestions on where to find info on recommended minimums or other ways to manage expectations & quality. What people like about our recipe is that it's not a sugar or alcohol bomb. I'm thinking of putting " after opening refrigerate and use within xx months" on the label but I'm also wondering what the sealed shelf life might be. Thanks!
  7. Does anyone in driving distance to RI have a used IBC tote you don't need? We're looking for a reservoir for our RO 'waste' water. Have pickup, will come get! Prefer 330 but could live with 220. Cathy
  8. Love to see a pic of your platform, if you don't mind!
  9. 21 Days for us at Rhode Island Spirits (Pawtucket). Knock me over with feather. We did it ourselves, too. Sent Aug 30, 2018, received Sept 19, 2018
  10. Rhody-O

    Odin on Gin

    Super interesting! I wondered if there is any more info (or opinions) on whether the ultrasound oxidation decreases flavor?
  11. Thanks, @Skaalvenn and @Hudson bay distillersI'll need to see what our regular deliveries will arrive in, it seems. I had pretty much talked myself out of a forklift, but may have to revisit. The incline down to/thread-the-needle/last bit is on a curve arrangement to the loading dock may be a serious issue. A skid steer is waaaay to big for the space. A magic wand is really what I want.
  12. Any advice on the hydraulic pallet jacks? We need something that can off-load a truck if deliveries aren't on a gate-lift truck and/or the trucker is unwilling to navigate a tricky path to the loading dock.
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