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  1. Rhody-O

    Bottling line help

    Love to see a pic of your platform, if you don't mind!
  2. Rhody-O

    Get your Federal Permit? How long did it take?

    21 Days for us at Rhode Island Spirits (Pawtucket). Knock me over with feather. We did it ourselves, too. Sent Aug 30, 2018, received Sept 19, 2018
  3. Rhody-O

    Odin on Gin

    Super interesting! I wondered if there is any more info (or opinions) on whether the ultrasound oxidation decreases flavor?
  4. Rhody-O

    Fork lift or not fork lift

    Thanks, @Skaalvenn and @Hudson bay distillersI'll need to see what our regular deliveries will arrive in, it seems. I had pretty much talked myself out of a forklift, but may have to revisit. The incline down to/thread-the-needle/last bit is on a curve arrangement to the loading dock may be a serious issue. A skid steer is waaaay to big for the space. A magic wand is really what I want.
  5. Rhody-O

    Fork lift or not fork lift

    Any advice on the hydraulic pallet jacks? We need something that can off-load a truck if deliveries aren't on a gate-lift truck and/or the trucker is unwilling to navigate a tricky path to the loading dock.