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  1. Bump. Prices reduced: Fermenters are now $3500/ea. Mash pump (one sold) is $1000/ea.
  2. (2) Stainless steel fermenters, approximately 800 gallons. Jacketed for cooling, CIP spray ball, thermowell, manway in the top, side opening for venting, valve included. These are equipped with DN fittings. One tank has a dent from vacuum created when we pumped out. We've been using it for 7 years, without issue. I'm sure the dent could be smoothed out but we didn't take the time to do that. Besides that, there's nothing wrong with these tanks. $5000/each. (2) Netzsch Progressing Cavity Mash Pumps, 3 phase, 460 volt, capable of moving 12000/24,000 l/h (high and low) (as seen here, goo.gl/ojtzge), $1500/ea. We are selling because we are undergoing a large expansion and upgrading. We use this equipment on a daily basis but there is no warranty implied. All products are as is, where is. Message us here, email smoothambler at gmail dot com, or call the office 304-497-3123. Ask for John. Thanks.
  3. 650-liter CARL Batch Pot Still with 4 Plate Side Column & 19 Plate Rectification Column · 650 ltr grain mash and 800 ltr low wine filling charge · Batch process: first, second, and third stage of distilling process · Pot, helmet, and columns (2) made of copper. · Steam jacket heating, overhead pipe, condenser and distillate outlet made of stainless steel. · Distilling approximately 800 ltr semi-raw alcohol/low wines at 30% ABV · Producing hearts at approx. 95% ABV · Pot diameter 43.3 in, sight glass and spray head, all instruments and armatures/fittings included. · Heavy duty pot agitator; slow gentle rotations. · Steam jacket made of SST · Standing on 4 legs. · Pressure relief value with manual steam control valves and condensate valve. · CARL botanical Basket located inside helmet 4 Plate Side Column · Made of copper · Diameter approx. 450mm · 4 copper bubbling plates- Carl’s optimized design intensive aroma transfer · openings/sight glasses DN100 for cleaning and observation; one plate with illumination port · Cleaning spray balls for each plate · Disgorging device / mechanical foam stop 19 plate side rectification column · Approx. height 25 ft (+ min. 2 ft clearance recommended for install) · Made of copper · Installed on frame beside the pot · Diameter approx. 450mm · 19 copper bubbling plates – rectification design for intensive substance and heat transfer. · openings/sight glasses DN100 for cleaning and observation; one plate with illumination port on lowest plate for monitoring column fill. · One Vodka-design partial condenser (dephlegmator) in column head above the highest plate, tubular heat exchange design for massive reflux on the plates. Overhead pipe in stainless steel from the helmet to the side column to the condenser. Condenser · Diameter about 250 mm/9.85in, length 1800 mm/71 in · Made of SST. · Tubular Condenser · Cooling Water regulation armature · Distillate outlet with alcoholmeter Frame to carry the side rectification column and condenser. Made of SST. Three intermediate alcohol storage tanks for heads, hearts, and tails. Total capacity 1,000 ltr. One UL rated electrical panel, pre-wired, for digital temperature monitoring of the still, including: safety alarm for final condenser, and all thermowells and sensors on the still. All mechanical drawings sent by CARL included. Sold As-Is, Where-Is. But we’ve been using this still since we opened. And last used it February 6, 2017. We will help dissemble and crate but those costs will be your responsibility. Shipping to be paid for by you but we can help arrange, if needed. Available Immediately. $119,000 email: smoothambler at gmail dot com Phone: 304-497-3123 Pictures in the link (I think this works ): https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOoHZ5mbXfY7CUALiY9OIZ-wLQeFlS2YvfcEjrYIo2M3hpwqE5fEetYwz5YXHOPzQ?key=YzJKdUtqUnRtV25XZW1LaWVMOWxxT2YwY1gtQTV3
  4. The address Falling Rock posted is correct. It's 230V for the heater. We had a 30 Amp breaker.
  5. Power Conveyor - 10' variable speed power Clear anodized frame with stainless steel leveling legs 4" heat resistant flat top belt
 Totally encapsulated belt return Single stainless steel guide rail with stainless steel tool free adjustment knobs
 3.1" sprockets allow for small radius ends utilizing short transfer plates 1/4 HP variable speed DC motor and motor controller
 Heat Shrink Tunnel - Shrink Banding for Tamper Evident Seals Flow through ventilation Compact tunnel - 3" wide x 3.5" high opening Dual heat controls
Two - 3,000 Watts CAL rods
 Turntable - Accumulating - 45" stainless steel top Heavy duty stainless steel frame construction
 45" diameter stainless steel top
 Variable speed DC motor and controller
 Stainless steel guide rail and brackets with quick touch adjustment knobs Frame includes stainless steel leveling legs We also added a belt to turn the bottle in the tunnel. I believe the price was $1200. All equipment is from Liquid Packaging Solutions. There's not a thing wrong with any of it; we are just moving up to larger equipment. Total New: $10,385 Sale Price: $5,000. You schedule delivery and pickup. Labeler not for sale. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26351722/IMG_3031.MOV
  6. We'd love to find the time to do that. Thanks for sharing this. JL Smooth Ambler
  7. No offense, and completely off topic, but Denver Distiller is the forum name of someone that's been here for years. It would be awfully nice of you to consider a change of screen name.
  8. They came in and spent about 3 hours with us. They found a few violations that we have corrected and that are better for but they were also silly about a few items. 1. We had a drain pipe all the way in the drain as opposed to being suspended. They were afraid sewage would back feed in the event of a sewer failure. Ridiculous. Could never happen but we corrected it anyway. 2. They wanted light covers on all florescent lights. We did this and it was smart. 3. We had exposed wood on the edge of a workbench and on one window. The said that was a bacteria hazard. We painted it. 4. The craziest thing was that they wanted vestibules into the bottling room and that it had to be a clean room, meaning no box storage or supplies, just bottling. Now, I would never point out one of the small guys, but I showed them Buffalo Traces' bottling room camera. The room has ceiling fans, awards, etc. Nobody wears hair nets or anything like that. But they wanted ours to be that way. 5. They (WV) tried to get me to pay a $500 fee for a food processing facility. I told them I'd be happy to do that if they removed my $1500 annual fee for a distillery. We are clean here and take great pride in what we do. I felt a little bit like they were forced to do this and really didn't know what they were looking at/for. They haven't been back.
  9. I can't imagine there's any good reason to agitate a grain-in fermentation. Post fermentation, like a beer well for example, is pretty harmless and routine but you do need to watch O2.
  10. John, We bought a mill from a dairy operation out of VA. I love it and recommend it to everyone. It's a 20 HP mill with two augers. It's a beast. I think we paid close to $7500 for everything, including auger and auger motors, mill and mill motor, electrical, etc. That price is old - we made the purchase about 4 years ago. http://www.dairymenspecialty.com I work with Don Weaver. You might be able to find something dairy related much closer to you.
  11. Does anyone have one pallet of 700ml Serenade or Ariane available? I can swap it out with something else or one at a later time or pay you for it. Just got in a jam. Thanks. John Little.
  12. I think if you are just getting started, you don't know what you need and what you don't. I know that sounds like me being a jerk, but I think I was in the exact same spot when I first started and it's true. It does take a couple of years to know what you need. We have 12 standard SKU's and a HUGE number of custom items (single barrels at varying cask strength). Before Whiskey Systems, I tracked this on a few Excel sheets. I was pretty good at it and rarely made errors. But it took a significant amount of time. WS saves me about 20-30 hours a month. Those are hours I can spend on growing our business as opposed to tracking data. Thankfully, our business has grown and we now have 4 production people. That growth has meant more tracking, more people making entries, etc. Without Whiskey Systems we'd be in trouble. My staff enters in mashes, distillation runs, barrel fills, barrel dumps, bottling runs, etc and I review all of that and do the monthly reports from their entries (once I review everything). The comment of "I can do this myself with my engineering experience" is just like the comments I hear about sourcing spirits.."Why don't I just buy some brokered whiskey and bottle it for myself". Well, go ahead. Nothing is stopping you. Just realize, nearly everything is more work than it appears from the outside. In the OP, 25-30 hours are mentioned. If you time isn't worth more than $14/hour, then maybe you are in the wrong business. Disclamer: Donald is a personal friend of mine. In addition to the service WS provides, having Jack and Donald on your team is also a huge bonus.
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