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  1. I have been sent pictures of a whiskey bottle that looks very close to our brand. Using our name and City and State on the bottle. This is not a Trademark issue as more of a Counterfeiting problem. It talks about the UK on the back of the label. I am guessing these are being sold in Europe. I have been getting emails about products that are not on our website. I have also always felt they are people from Europe. I told them our special spirits are only sold at the distillery. Trust me I am trying to get out of a few people now where they purchased these bottles. I do not do any exporting. Or I have never work with any other government. Any good idea's of who I should be contacting? I am also wondering if this is so kind of a scam? Did someone Photoshop these photos? Are they mock up bottles? Labels look pretty legit on the cut out. Now days you never know what someone is trying to do? Has anyone had this happen to them?
  2. @bluestar You only have to use an age statement if you make claim of "aging" whiskey on your label. The TTB put on web conference this year on Whiskey and that was covered in the webinar. According to Sarah Johnson - Sr Labeling Specialist you only need an age statement if you make a claim of aging on the label. We have tired to use the word rest and then they wanted us to put an age statement on the label. It's not that we are trying to be sleezebag's. We vat 15 gallon barrels with 30's. Of course the 30's have much more age on them. The process is confusing to most consumers. Leaving it off the label is a better way to handle it. Here is a link to the Webinar. https://zoom.us/recording/play/6ZUjUjTlis0MVXoxqZ6vlE2y6nqaR2CLZhko4XN-1uaF3807DgXBeMF__GiVXbeD?continueMode=true
  3. Sugar House Distillery is looking to add another distiller position to our staff. Distiller - Full Time Essential Job Functions and Responsibilities: Grinding of grain Management of different fermentation. Distillation of multiple spirits. Cleaning of equipment, tanks and distillery. Supporting in the bottling process. Barrel filling and dumping. Warehousing of spirits and barrels. Proofing and all paper work to stay TTB compliant. Front store sales and tours. Applicant Qualifications: Outgoing personality with a passion for craft spirits a must. 2 years experience of distilling. Solid understanding of fermentation. Proven ability to work with little to no supervision and be able to follow directions is essential. Be organized and detail oriented. Willing to work long hours, including Saturdays. Ability to lift and move cases of spirits and barrels frequently. Our company is a very small operation with a limited amount of employee's. You must be a very flexible employee with many skill sets. Please email resume and questions to info@sugarhousedistillery.net
  4. Sugar House Distillery is looking for shop help. We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Currently we offer Vodka, Silver Rum, Gold Rum, Malt Whisky, and Bourbon Whiskey. Out team is still small so you must be good at doing many different tasks at one time. You must also be very flexible with hours and working on Saturdays. Required to have some kind of distilling or beer experience. No phone calls please! email resume to jfowler @sugarhousedistillery .net
  5. saaz

    electric mash tun

    You need to get a hold of Steven Cage of Artisan Still Design. He just quoted me on something similar. A little bigger than 100 gallons, but electrical with an oil bath. Sounds like I am in the same boat as you.
  6. saaz

    Floor Drains

    Just curious how much it cost to have the floor drains installed? How long of a drain did you have them install?
  7. A good place to look for suppliers is in the 2012 ADI Directory. You might want to look local first and it you cant find it look for suppliers in the directory. http://www.distilling.com/PDF/2012direct.pdf James
  8. saaz


    They crazy thing about his industry is if you ask two people the same question you will get two different answers. Both of them could be the best in the industry. And in the end both of them could be correct. At a distilling class I took one of the owners made a statement “It might be better to get two consultants.” It took me a while to understand what he was saying. There are so many ways to do make an amazing product and one way might not necessarily the correct or only way. I also understand he meant more with his statements than just this like, are the consultants bias? Do they sell a current brand. Will they push that brand to make more money? But in the end it is how you want to put your finishing touch on your product. Do you like it? Does that affect have the flavor on it you like? In your case is the valve of pure cooper worth the cost? Do you have money to pay for the added costs? Could money be spent in other area’s such as building? Or a bigger still? Many of people have said its not the still but the product going into it that comes out an award winning product. I also learned this same thing lesson early on when I started to home brew. I went into the home brewing store with a list of questions. The guy said these are all good questions but go home and figure them out yourself. He said you know the basics, try them out and see what you like. That was the best advice that guy could have told me. I won a home brewing competition with one of those beers that year in Colorado. People have strong views in this industry. And most of them make it sound like the way they do it is the only way to do it. But in the end you have to listen, do your homework and you be the judge. That is why I love this forum you can bounce it off some many different people. Regarding your question if you want my two cents. I have been lucky enough to be able to travel to maybe hundreds of distilleries and ask there opinions on this exact question. Trust me if they have a cooper still they will say it is the only way. If they do not they will say a full cooper still is a waste of money, and they are glad with the decision they made. I go back to the belief if you put an amazing product into the still that is what you will get out of it. And what has sold me is to see all the award winning products that are coming out from people that do not have a full cooper still.
  9. Sorry if this is off topic.... But when I was looking into Logo Design and OR Coding, I talked to someone about this. You do not need a big OR Code on your label. But I guess you would need to advertize the customer needs the app. You have the app installed on your phone, you get the logo in your camera viewing area. Then the magic starts. Your label comes to life with animation. The samples I saw where very impressive. Look into an app called "Living Art". It might be the new thing for marketing. I saw it on a beer bottle and I also know Coke uses it. You can point your phone at any Coke label and it will start. It could be a coke machine, can, bottle or whatever, anything with the Coke label on it. When the label is active it has different places you can click for websites or anything where else you want to direct them. You could have a link for recipes, infusions, email or anything you want. If you go to http://dominationgraphics.com/LIVING_ART.html You can find out more information. They have short video of doing it with a business card. The demos they showed me in person where much better than the video online. Like I said I was pretty impressed. I did not talk to them about the design costs. But something I want try down the road.
  10. How many bottles do you think you have filled with it? I am asuming no parts need to be replaced, but when you have are they easy to get? Thanks
  11. Its all part of the business plan. Start small and grow into something you can afford later in a prime area. I do not have the funds right now to start in my perfect building.
  12. I am in the start up stages of opening my distillery. My plan has been to start off smaller using an 100 gallon electrical still. Within the first couple of years I want to change over to a larger foot print and have steam ran equipment and cooling options. I do know I will have to move in the first one to two years because of the building. I will need other power options, building height and ect. Well my question for you is in the building selection process. My State WILL allow us to sell bottles from our location. I have a building in a city that is not zoned for liquor bottling. I have talked to the city they said they would put a special use and approve manufacturing. But would also put a clause on it that I could NOT sell from my location to the public. This location is paid for other than utilities of course. Could some of you share with me your experience of being able to sell from your location in the first years. Could you share a percent of sales vs distribution? I understand everywhere is going to be different. But how that affected your overall sales. I also live in a controlled State so onsite sells could be a big thing. It would be another liquor store (of our products only) in the city. When I start to break it down. I would have to lease a building two to three months before I can start production. Then dealing with cola's could be another 60 to 90 days. Coming out of the gate releasing one or two products. Really I would like to take 5 or 6 months and really refine the next product that we sell. So breaking that down it could be that I lease a building five to six months before I can sell anything. The first six months I think will be a lot of sales process getting my product out into the market. But if that means selling from my location to get into the market. I do not want to miss out on that opportunity to grow sells. Is the savings of 12 to 15K a year on a new lease worth the missed sales from walk in business? Do you think you gained 15K your first years in sales from walk in business?
  13. Nick, just curious approximately how much that heat exchanger set you back?
  14. I have been working with the SBA on financing for a loan to open a distillery. They came back and said they where worried that neither my self or my partner does not have any experience in the liquor industry. We both have a very impressive back ground in business just not in the liquor industry. Talking with many people, going to ADI and visiting distilleries it sounds like there are many people that started up with no liquor experience. Did you get a loan? Had no experience with liquor? How did you over come this hurdle with the company that financed you? Looking for suggestions? James
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