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  1. Does anyone have experience with Glass Columns?

    The Crystal Dragon range would be an exceptional advantage in a tour or teaching venue. People can see the still in action from across a room and grasp the ideas of the falling reflux through the downcomers, the reflux condensor dripping onto the top plate and see the bubbling action easily. There's no need to peer through the sight glass with a torch. As Larry said if there are height restrictions you can fit many more plates (with identical components to the stainless columns) in a given length at 100mm compared to 250mm in 8" columns. The custom designed gaskets are durable and do not leak. It is no more difficult or time consuming in my opinion (as the owner of one as well as the distributor) to pull the Crystal Dragon down, it's just a matter of undoing the top few nuts after swing the top section of the unit away and then it all comes apart piece by piece. No harder than undoing all the clamps. Edited for spelling.
  2. Steam Jacketed Stripping Still

    Assuming you are in the States, give Larry an email at smaugATstilldragon.com. he'll be able to give you some pretty sharp pricing.
  3. Unofficial Pre-Launch Unveiling of ASD's New Series 2 Stills

    Looks terrific Steve.
  4. Gin stills - pros/cons. Advice request

    Comprehensive Gin Manual for our new Gin Head has also just been released. http://www.stilldragon.org/discussion/146/the-stilldragon-operation-manuals Please be aware: All StillDragon Manuals are copyrighted material. You may not copy or redistribute any contents full or in parts without our written permission!
  5. Distilled ginger beer, name suggestions please

    Apologies, but the empties aRRRe not mine. I do hope you enjoy though, the grunne nusse is surprising, the Thai Terror is interesting, the tritacle is a grain that's not played with much and the rest is average.
  6. Distilled ginger beer, name suggestions please

    Got the the sample yesterday Pete, not just the 120 mls of Ginger Rum, but another plastic 120 ml sample bottle of Rye Whiskey as well. What a prize. I'm waiting till i have a couple of mates around to crack them, i'll let you know my thoughts then. Only allowed to post one photo in my photo limits so i'll have to add a photobucket link i'm sorry... I made up some samples to send back to Pete, In this lot there's a 700 ml 4 year old barrel aged rum, same with a corn and malt based sugar enhanced whiskey. There's 300 ml bottles of Arak, all grain steam rolled barley and triticale oaked whiskey, all grain home smoked malt whiskey, a whole green walnut maceration that creates a bitter liquer called Grunne Nuesse that has been diluted and slightly sweetened in the Noncino fashion, and my own little special maceration called the Thai Terror that has Ginger, Lime, lemongrass and habenero chillies as well as a few other extras. Please consume the last one with care, warm shots reccomended. Cheers Pete.
  7. Six and Twenty Distillery Operations and Management School

    Congratulations guys. Sounds like a top course and comes from some of the best.
  8. Gin stills - pros/cons. Advice request

    I don't know if you guys are aware of the release of our new modular CarterHead style Gin Basket? At two inch diameter input and output (comes with choke washer set to speed up vapour if desired), it would match your boiler size perfectly. Being Carter Head style it would fit into your future plans as well by not contaminating either the boiler or condensor with liquid from the botanicals. Basket changes (comes with two baskets) are achieved quickly and safely by putting the column into full reflux for a few minutes while changing botanical baskets. Being modular the unit can be set up however you wish.
  9. Distilled ginger beer, name suggestions please

    Thanks for contacting me Pete, i'd lost track of this thread. Look forward to trying the RRR Ginger Hammer. Good of you to track me down, i appreciate it.
  10. Distilled ginger beer, name suggestions please

    Did you want my address for the sample bottle then Pete?
  11. Distilled ginger beer, name suggestions please

    Triple Ginge RRR Brandy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). I'm in Nsw too so easy to send me the sample.
  12. Current control panel designs

    They look really good Swede.
  13. Distilling Workshop In Kentucky, Australia

    Just a late heads up for anyone in NSW Australia that Stephen Dobson, the owner of Modern Distiller forum and Master Distiller at Eastview Estate ( http://www.eastviewestate.com/page12/index.html ) is running a 1/2 day hands on distilling workshop this Saturday 13th of April at the distillery. This will be on his pilot rig, a 120l StillDragon Dash 2. Workshops covers setup, equalising and running the Dash 2 column with a neutral sugar wash. Cost is $10 which will be donated to the local council to help in the running of their food festival. Kicks off at 9am. Includes coffee and a product tasting.
  14. Progress Video - Hunter Distillery, Australia

    Looks great Rich. I have sent you an email regarding tours, would be a nice mornings ride for me.
  15. Hi From Stilldragon Australia

    Thanks mate. There is a shopping cart on Smaugs site, not sure how up to date it is. Try www.stilldragon.com