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  1. We have been using the $450 PS 2 model for the last one year. Had the manufacturer set the alarms at 10% and 20% LEL of ethanol. Each alert light/alarm also turns on a relay, so you can hook up a fan to turn on automatically. We got the 115V version and our exhaust vent fan is connected to the relay to turn on automatically at 10%.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has bought the Shanken Report and if it has worthwhile information beyond the DISCUS Reports. Considering it is priced at almost $1K !!!
  3. Is anyone aware of any TTB requirements for date/batch lot serial number identification on bottles ? One of the label vendors mentioned that we need this on the label (and they can provide it), but I can't find any information anywhere about this. I am aware of the case labeling requirements as outlined in §19.488 Marks on packages filled in processing §19.489 Marks on cases filled in processing §19.490 Numbering of packages and cases filled in processing but none of the COLA BAM guide or 27 CFR 5.40 mentions anything about serial numbers/batch ID/date on the labels.
  4. Is it possible for a distiller to sell directly to retailers when getting started ? Did any of you do this when you first started producing ? While the AB 1295 permitted craft distillers to sell directly to consumers (single-tier) since 2016, it seems California ABC Act has always permitted a two tier system for California manufacturers ... § 23363. Licensed manufacturers of distilled spirits originally distilled in this State; Sale to licensees Any licensed manufacturer of distilled spirits originally distilled in this State may sell them to any person holding a license authorizing the sale of distilled spirits.
  5. Wondering if we could report this on Google. Most of the people are finding them via Google Search.
  6. Hi, We are looking for a used bourbon barrel vendor who will stand behind their barrels (if they leak). Several barrels from our current vendor have been leaking from the head despite filling with hot water and all. And the vendor who had earlier told us that they'd replace the barrels is now dithering. After weeding out the usual suspects dirtcheapbarrels and oakwoodbarrels, we are considering Kelvin Cooperage and Country Connection Kelvin Cooperage appears to be an established rock solid supplier. While Country Connection has been selling barrel racks for a while, it seems they've started supplying barrels only recently (they posted on ADI in October). I was wondering if anyone has bought barrels from Country Connection and what the experience has been like.
  7. @ViolentBlue Did find that some of the black stuff on the towel we were trying to scrub it with, turned bluish green. So I suspect it might be copper salts as you suggested. Will try the PBW followed by acid and again PBW as you suggested. Thanks so much for your help.
  8. @meerkat, @Silk City Distillers, the condenser is above the flange so it is 5" above the parrot liquid level (per the attached picture) for drainage. What you see below the flange is the stand, with a drain from the condenser tapering to the 1" tri-clamp tube at the bottom. The simplest solution would be to put a tri-clamp tee to vent up from the bottom tube as @Dehner Distillery had suggested. Ideally the vent to start above the parrot liquid level (in the 5" space between the bottom of the condenser), but trickier to fabricate now that everything is in place. Just drilling a hole in the 1/8" thick stainless steel wall of the stand to the drain without a drill press would be a nightmare. @Southernhighlander will send you an email. We are in San Francisco bay area.
  9. @whiskeytango, we are just running water now for testing, and the condensed water is cool to touch. So I doubt any of the vapor is not condensing.
  10. @Dehner Distillery, Thanks for the suggestion. Will give that a try.
  11. All, thanks for the input on this issue. @Silk City Distillers, Here are some pictures and a video of the parrot/condenser and another one showing how violent the bubbling gets. It seems to be the air in the system which is escaping. parrot bubbling.mp4 @PeteB, if I bypass the parrot initially, I am wondering if I might miss the initial cut-in for the heads. Also I won't know the temp for the condensate to adjust the cooling water. @Southernhighlander, It is a bunch of tri-clamp connections. However I wonder if the air vent will have to be somewhere higher than the height of the jar so air can escape above the fluid level. @GeekSpirits, lots of cooling water running. @meerkat, 1 inch pipe coming down from the condenser. As the video shows, it seems that the air builds up and eventually breaks through.
  12. The output from the condenser comes straight into the parrot, with a bypass valve on the bottom. I'll post a picture later today when I am back on site.
  13. We are testing our new production pot stills/condensers with water and there is violent bubbling/turbulence when the condensate starts for the first 10-20 minutes. I am assuming this is dissolved air escaping, and trying to figure out how to eliminate it before the parrot. We have air vents (to vent air) on the steam jacket, but the still is closed except for a 0.8 psi press relief valve. This is puzzling as I have experienced nothing like this in the small 5 gallon still used as a proof of concept. This is so bad that it would have broken any hydrometers/thermometers in the parrot. I suspect this would happen with CO2 and air dissolved in wash runs too. Do we need to put a vent before the parrot ? Or is this a technique issue, because we'd run it slowly initially to prevent the still puking (due to the foam) ?
  14. I am worried that this might be a remnant of the manufacturing process which might contaminate the product, so wanted to clean it beforehand.
  15. Thanks. What concentration of citric acid should I try ?
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