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  1. Whiskey Merchant

    Whiskey/ Rum for Sales

    Whiskey/Rum for sale in barrels examples include 2015 95% Rye $2300 per barrel (53 gallons, IN distilled) 2015 70% Rye $2350 per barrel (53 gallons, TN Distilled) 2018 99% Corn $650 per barrel (53 gallons, IN distilled) 2014 Jamaican Column Distilled Rum $1300 (53 gallons, aging in KY in rye barrels since 2017) 2015 Jamaican Put Still Rum $1650 (53gallons, aged 2 years in Jamaica, since 12/17 in KY) Other barrels available- Bourbon, 2006, 2015, 2018 Rye 2012 For full list, e-mail Dave - proofandwood@gmail.com
  2. Whiskey Merchant

    Toasted Barrels

    interested- please e-mail me orangedave@gmail.com
  3. I have a variety of ages of Bourbon and Rye for Sale- most aging in 53 gallon barrels, various ages and prices Request current price list at orangedave@gmail.com Used 53 gallons barrels, only used once filled with Bourbon or Rye $150 per barrel, 4 barrel min.
  4. Whiskey barrels are all full size (53 gallons) Can be picked up in Bardstown KY. Have a variety of full size one fill rye and bourbon barrels available for sale. Great for aging other spirits or beer. Also have a limited stock of aging whiskey barrels available for sale- from a few months old to 7 years old. Selections of rye or bourbon, mostly from Indiana. Please e-mail for pricing. orangedave@gmail.com