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  1. This is a very deep subject that involves major players in the California market. By joining CADG you have taken the first step in working on a solution. All of the restrictions you are citing are rooted in limitations come up with by the California Legislature, not by CADG. Just this year we tried to change each of the items you mention, but were only successful on getting the distilling capacity limit raised. We need more DSP's to join CADG and to focus our voices. What we face now is big corporations who want to keep control by mandating what we can do via the legislative process. Keep in mind, what we currently can do was extremely difficult and expensive to win. Our membership is still small and the industry has grown, but many existing DSP's have not joined yet. We have to understand the logic behind the compromises we have made. The idea is we are a "Educational Tasting Room" not an on premise location. This was carved out in a new license and the 3 bottles was a compromise from Zero. We all want more, but we have to work together and raise money to become stronger as a trade association. Thanks for joining, and call any time to discuss further. Cris
  2. The California Artisanal Distillers Guild can be a resource to new distillers in California. Consider joining!
  3. CADG

    California SB 1164

    Update: Governor Brown has signed SB 1164 Skinner to continue assisting the California Distilled Spirits Industry !!! We asked for a lot in the original bill, and received less than hoped... but, it's the 4th piece of legislation in our 6 year existence... here are a few statistics: CADG started in 2012 with less than a dozen members. All votes on CADG legislation Unanimous passed. Every piece of legislation introduced is passed /signed by the Governor. Many bills detrimental to our industry are amended. Relationships with government regulators grows annually... California ABC meets regularly with our board. First piece of legislation introduced and passed in 2012. Paid for by those first members. AB 933 Skinner allowed us to have tasting rooms and to charge for those tastings (among other things). 20 Members =/- Second piece of legislation introduced and passed 2014. AB 1295 Levine/Gray The Craft Distillers Act. Starting on 1/1/2015 a Type 74 license came into existence... the tasting rooms expanded into direct to consumer sales, private events and 100,000 gallon limit to a Craft Distiller. 35 members =/- Third piece of legislation introduced and passed in 2016. AB 2913. Lots of clean up language to assist distillers and regulators to have clear guidelines. 50 Members =/- Fourth AB 1164 Skinner legislation introduced and passed in 2018. Further clarification to ABC code that gains things like donations to charity back when they were inadvertently left out of AB 1295. The distilling cap was also raised to account for growth in the industry from 100,000 gallon per year to 150,000. Still 50 +/- members If you have read this and are a DSP in California... have you given thought to joining us? Our state now has at last count 186 DSP's licensed... many more than 6 years ago... all because of the work of the founding members. We are a non profit organization dedicated to the distilling industry. No staff, No overhead... 100% of every dollar goes towards fighting for the rights discussed above. If you have a tasting room, sell bottles are doing public events... you are a direct beneficiary of work done by our members. Put in perspective: you spend more on a month's advertising or that last order of labels than what it costs to join CADG. We are a statewide organization and run on the power of local membership. The focus is legislation, regulatory work and expanding the playing field for small distillers. WE have ambitious plans and want to keep moving all DSP's in California forward... join. https://www.cadistillers.org/ Cris Steller Executive Director California Artisanal Distillers Guild President Amador Distillery / Dry Diggings Distillery
  4. CADG

    California SB 1164

    The California Artisanal Distillers Guild has introduced legislation to update, clarify and expand our Type 74 Craft Distillers License. All concerned DSP's in California are urged to join CADG and help in this endeavor for 2018. This bill was written with Senator Nancy Skinner with Principal Co-Author Senator Jerry Hill. The application to join is on the CADG website https://www.cadistillers.org/ and we welcome associate membership as well. This will be a monumental undertaking with strong opposition and we need a united California distilling community. http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180SB1164 Cris
  5. The California Artisanal Distillers Guild has introduced SB 1164 Skinner/Hill into the legislature for 2018. This new piece of legislation is a comprehensive and looks at many different aspects of the Type 74 Craft Distillers License among other areas. If you have not joined CADG and are a distiller in California... please consider joining us. Cris
  6. We are introducing major legislation in 2018, all California DSP's should strongly consider joining. As stated above, we are a group of DSP's doing the work to change the regulatory environment in California for all distilleries. If you would like to discuss, call the CADG phone at 916.235.4012 its the best money you can spend and the returns are more than $$$. cris
  7. Good topic, and is a base for joining the California Artisanal Distillers Guild. We are going back to the state Capitol in 2018 to work on these issues. Currently, there is no work around on the 1.5 ounce total per person per day. Unless... you are doing a strictly defined private event (your definition must match CA ABC definition) or you have a bonafide eating facility and apply for that additional license. Before 1/1/17 you had to pour a maximum of 6 pours of no more than 1/4 ounce each. CADG had some clean up legislation passed in 2016 to address this, and now you are able to combine the max 1.5 ounce for a cocktail in any measure you choose i.e. 3 pours of 1/4 ounce and one cocktail with a 3/4 ounce. If you have interest in joining the CADG, please visit our website. Many voices carry more weight, than a few... cris
  8. My own DSP was an early adopter, got our LibDib website up etc and have used them strictly within California. We have found it an easy way to distribute while keeping volume under our control. If you are looking to scale big, they may not be a cost effective way to go. But, for keeping control and having a measure of rolling into a market without pulling your hair out... its great. We also augment the online with small local distributors once an area is established and the numbers work. California is a huge state geographically, so getting bottles in a location in San Diego from Sacramento can be an issue. We find our customers visit our tasting room on vacation and then want a local retailer to carry us. It drives business to us. Your mileage may vary... cris
  9. Fellow California DSP's, The California Artisanal Distillers Guild is introducing another major piece of legislation for 2018. We do not have language yet, but members of CADG will have access as soon as it becomes available. So... please consider joining and helping us move the legislative process further forward. Our industry has made giant leaps forward thanks to the work of CADG... by joining you become part of the solution and will see the benefit in many ways. As a reminder, we are an all volunteer organization and there is no paid staff. All funds raised go directly towards our efforts, we do have some minimum qualifications to join... but, most qualify and we welcome positive and helpful input. Cris Steller Executive Director California Artisanal Distillers Guild
  10. Hi Andy, Get a hold of me and we can discuss. Cris cris.s.cadg@gmail.com California Artisanal Distillers Guild
  11. Below is my personal opinion, and not necessarily representative of the entire guild or its board... so flame me personally not the CADG... Actually ABC does not realistically have a dog in this fight... they are a government agency tasked with oversight of our industry. They really could care less if we distill, rectify or a combination of whatever it is we do. What they want is clear and concise language that can be enforced. Many think government regulators are all bad and want to see us fail. In California at least, we have a true partnership with ABC that has been very good to work with. I guess some of that depends on your politics and point of view. If we are going to be taken serious by our peers in beer and wine, we have to become a respected member of the beverage community. That takes time and professionalism along with some money to amend laws to work for us and allow for the growth we all need. We don't even get a fair amount of respect and support from within our own industry. There are so many sitting on the sidelines with lots to say, yet what have they done? CADG is not perfect nor can we change everything over night, but we have been at this now for almost 5 years working to gain a good reputation. There are those that have become "experts" on what should happen in California, yet very very few have actually signed up to help in making change happen. I can't begin to quantify the number of phone calls from people around the state with all the great ideas, and if I only listened to them things would turn instantaneously... this ain't my first rodeo. What we need is true unity within the industry, not a divided bunch of cowboys. Our industry is filled with many different personalities, but all of that needs to be put aside to gain the privileges under our liquor laws we all so desire. All of us in CADG welcome input, as long as it comes from a point of being helpful and positive. Its too easy to take shots at others who are working hard to do the true hard work and heavy lifts. Legislation is never easy, but it is the only way true change occurs. I appreciate all the good conversation on this forum, its how we all learn and listen (Capn & Scrounge and others). Of course, some prefer to think they are cute or clever... all I can say is... whatever. cris
  12. There is some clarifications and additional changes needed. The CADG is working with California ABC and the legislature to fix issues that have come out since 1/1/16 introduction of the type 74 license. We are confident that all the issues will be resolved, and California Distillers will be happy where we end up. I will make an additional plea... if you have not joined CADG... please do. If you are a member, please consider donating to our legislative budget so we can get this work done. California is a big state, with a lot of potential... it's also a state that needs unity within the industry and $$$ to keep our presence in the political process. Feel free to get in touch with any questions. cris
  13. CADG

    Lots of tails from wine

    Hi KDI, We do a lot of work in our distillery with wine. If you want to contact us privately, please feel free. cris.drydiggings@gmail.com cris p.s. Have you considered joining the CADG yet?
  14. I am well aware of your stance, and the current situation "Papazulu". My actions on behalf of all distillers in California speak for themselves, the two legislative bills are not limited to CADG members and benefit all. Can you name another organization that has accomplished more on behalf of California DSP's than CADG? Since day one of the organization, all were invited to join... the only caveat is pay dues, give back to the industry and adhere to a code of conduct that befits membership. The CADG does in fact hold all, including myself to a high standard. CADG is run by a board of directors that are statewide and elected. Any issue or problem can be brought to the board for discussion. We however do not use ADI or any other public forum to air grievances or take liberties with people's reputations. You have been invited to join, and you have chosen a path only you understand. California is a state with a vibrant economy and home to the original craft distillers in the USA. No one person should control an organization, nor should one person tear it apart or condemn it. All things can be worked out among civil individuals, do you want a solution? One last thing, read your post above and think about what you have done to my partner and I. How do you reconcile that? Cris
  15. To All California Distillers, The CADG is a non profit organization formed to better the industry on behalf of its members. All work is done by fellow distillers with the exception of our legislative team and our CPA. All dues are used to the further the organization, and are approved by the board of directors. The process for joining involves a simple application form, accompanied by a dues check. There is also an ethics component. We do review all applications for membership. If there are questions, the board of directors are posted on the CADG website or the CADG office can be contacted. As the Executive Director, my office is always open. I am also a distiller and participate as a member of ADI and CADG. I also only have one profile on ADI, and never post under any other alias. This is a transparent organization that works for all its members since 2012. This is a small and growing industry, and attracts many different kinds of people. The CADG has accomplished the two most significant pieces of California legislation in 3 short years. AB 933 was passed in 2013 and gained us the right to have paid tastings in our distillery tasting rooms. AB 1295 passed in 2015 now will allow us to sell up to 3 750 ml bottles to a consumer per day or equivalent bottle/volume, hold private events and have ownership in 3 restaurant operations if we choose. Only the membership of CADG moved this legislation, and while others are taking credit for it via social media, press and websites... only the members made this happen. To date, all membership applications have been processed and all dues deposited. We review all financial transactions monthly and an appropriate audit trail is on file. Transparency and accountability are the hallmarks of any non profit organization. CADG strives to maintain its reputation within the business, legislative, regulatory and adult beverage industry. We work with the CCBA and the Family Winemakers of California as well as ADI, ACSA, DISCUS, NCSLA and all other guilds or associations in other states /countries. We hope many existing and new DSP's will consider joining in 2016. But, we do have rules and a code of conduct that all members must follow. Some may not subscribe to the standards set out in our bylaws, most do and we welcome their participation. cris p.s. Now that we have cleared that up... we are about to start work with California Alcohol Beverage Control on some of the outdated, controversial and sometimes contradictory statutes that exist in California. Whiskey labels is one of the first things we will be discussing... as it comes along, I will update whenever possible. But, remember... members of CADG support this and non members do not. Consider being a member...
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